View Full Version : Consumer Camcorder suggestion and should I go with iMac 20" or 17"?

The Grim
2005-11-30, 19:58
I look at the Camcorder DV at under $500 that can use as the webcam also. Please, do not suggest iSight because I will use as the normal camcorder and I just miss the Black Friday $118 iSight at apple.com (Very piss at my self). Is Apple going to offer $118 iSight again before or after Christmas? I will buy my dad a Mac but I am not sure if I should get 17"or 20". My dad will be a retire Univ. prof.,so I will have time to teach him how to use computer. He does not know anything about computer PC or Mac, and he uses his students to do all the computer work. 17" iMac o.k for a new starter (view able for old ages eyes sight 60+ old). :lol:

2005-11-30, 20:24
While I don't know much about camcorders, I can help you with the iMac.

I would say just go with the 17 inch. I believe you can change the display type and make the words bigger and such if sight is an issue (don't quote me on that!). If he is new to computers he won't care about the tech specs and things of that nature. I think the iMac is the perfect computer for a starter, I'm sure your dad will love it...