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2005-11-30, 22:27
I know there are a lot of 5g ipod owners out there. which cases do you gusy recommend, and how well do they work? My birthday's on the second, so try to respond soon. Thanks!

2005-12-01, 01:46
i got a foof pod. works nicely but its a sleeve design.

2005-12-01, 11:45

The only case you'll ever need.

2005-12-01, 14:06
I'd recommend an iSkin (http://www.iskin.com) the 5G covers aren't out yet, but they will be soon. I have the 4G iPod with an iSkin and I'm extremely happy with it. Provides all around protection that doesn't add a ton of weight or bulk.

Edit: The invisible shield looks okay, the only problem I'd have with it is it provides no shock protection in drops. Yes, you'll drop your iPod someday, everyone will. The iSkin is silicone so it absorbs some of the shock from drops.

2005-12-04, 20:01
i use the invisible shield and an iSkin knockoff. Invisible shield to protect against scratches and the iSkin knockoff to protect against drops. Works quite well.

2005-12-08, 11:46
Looks like the iSkin 5G cases have officially been launched:


(the above link wasn't active yesterday, and all the build-up on the homepage kept saying "December 8").

They're a bit ugly, compared to their previous cases (the eVo2 and ones for the 3G and 4G iPods). I've always loved their look: fairly clean and straightforward, with the swivel belt clip and some nice colors.

Just an odd look, this new one...I think it's that lower section that swoops down and forms a "U". Looks "off", somehow. Kinda disappointed, to be honest. But, then again, I don't have a 5G iPod either...

2005-12-09, 11:01

The only case you'll ever need.

OT, but I saw that stuff on a car the other day that was sitting in a showroom. It had a sign on the hood that said something about how it was protected by the invisible shield or something like that. It covered the part that would normally be covered by the car bra but it was obviously a lot more difficult to see. At a glance (or even a long look) it's hard to see it on there. Seemed like a cool idea to me, especially considering I hate when my car gets scratched but I think the car bras are stupid.