View Full Version : Need advice on a FM transmitter for 5G Ipod

2005-11-30, 23:08
Recently got a new 60GB Ipod Video and am having a hard time deciding on what FM transmitter to buy. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It does not need to be a charger as well, but if the best one out there charges also, then I will consider it.


2005-12-03, 16:40
Where will you be using it?

If it's for the car, you'll need some luck. I've heard stories ranging from mild success (meaning, "I can hear it") to utterly worthless. Might as well take the time to rig up a hardwired audio input, which can take less than half an hour (depending on the car, of course). If it's going to be used in rental cars, well, I'm the kind of person to leave the iPod in my luggage and listen to the local radio instead.

2005-12-03, 18:46
I bought one for my iPod and it is ineed worthless. Do not buy one, find another route for in-car listening. I am suprised they manage to even sell those things.

2005-12-03, 21:50
For my wife's Pink Mini we got the Griffin iTrip and it works "some" of the time. We live near the largest concentration of military too, so freq's in the air are pretty over powering most of the time.

For my Shuffle, I use a $10 cassette adapter and it sounds great all the time.

At one point I had installed a JVC FM modulator inline on my car's FM antenna jack. I then connected a mini to RCA so I could plug my 40GB Zen Jukebox to it and that worked too. Then I never had bleed over from the bases, plus, on road trips I could plug my laptop into the jack and listen to my movies through the car stereo. Here is (http://www.crutchfield.com/S-VmWjcVytosJ/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=251550&I=142FMMOD01) a different version of what I had for less than I paid.