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2005-12-01, 16:39
hi everybody! i have a quick question for anyone that might be able to help me. i am thinking of getting my mom one of those digital picture frames for xmas this year. does anyone know of a good one that works well with macs? i am not sure if you hook them directly up to your computer or put your memory card directly into it. i haven't done much research, but knowing this site, everyone is pretty knowledgable about everything!! any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!!

2005-12-01, 16:53
i just bought one for my gf actually. the memory card goes into the picture frame itself, it doesnt need a computer to work. i wanna say i got a westinghouse one from bestbuy. id order it soon, when i ordered it, it was on backorder

2005-12-05, 22:47
i know of some that actually hook up to the telephone line (something like that) and are actually updated with every new picture u choose to be sent to the frame. yeah, u gotta register the frame so only you can upload new and different pics whenever u please. these run around $150-200 bucks the last time i checked.

2005-12-05, 23:00
on macmod.com i think someone converted an ibook to a picture frame thing. If your good at that stuff you could probably do it. If you have alaptop laying around :)

2005-12-05, 23:23
Links anyone.. These sound cool and whilst I've thought they must exist I've never seen one....

2005-12-05, 23:45
picture frame i bought for my girlfriend for christmas (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7367805&type=product&id=1122654017290)

2005-12-05, 23:47
picture frame i bought for my girlfriend for christmas (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=7367805&type=product&id=1122654017290)

Thanks. :) Pretty cool.... I want one!

2005-12-05, 23:50
every gift i went to buy her, her dad was already getting or had already got her. i was starting to get upset. i was gonna get her a picture printer, then i was gonna get her an ipod, and then there was something else im forgetting but i was really gettin desprate but i think she'll like it

2005-12-05, 23:52
If you have a picture of you sleeping make sure that's on a card somewhere she can put into it on the day.. For some reason most of the girls I know love pictures of their other halves sleeping peacfully!

2005-12-06, 00:12
How is the screen quality on those beasts? Admirable, or just so-so?

2005-12-06, 00:26
To be honest, I didn't look at it too long. My girlfriend and I were at best buy and she saw it and loved it. From what i saw it wasnt too bad, i think its something like 320x230 or something around there.