View Full Version : Creating transparent window ( transparent background ) in OpenGL/ GLUT

2005-12-03, 05:49
Hi all,
Is it possible to create a transparent window (transparent background) using OpenGL/GLUT in Linux so that all the items on the desktop can be seen within the Window ?
Any kind of suggestion are welcome.
avk_ady :)

2005-12-03, 06:10
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This should be in "Programmers Nook" really... You'll get more responses there...

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Have a read through some of the FAQs and guidelines about AppleNova so you understand where stuff goes, and what we are about before just launching in with a non-specific question in any old forum, please!

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What kind of programming experience do you have?

Using GLUT you are going to need a lot more 'stuff' around what is basically a vary simple concept as you've outlined it in order to let people know where you need help?

Also what machine are you on?

What do you mean by everything visible inside the window?
Don't you mean through the window, like using a transparent terminal in OS X?