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2005-12-03, 11:31
I was using the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and One Click mouse. I even have the Mighty Mouse. But while I was in Best Buy this morning I saw the MS Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard combo on sale. So I figured I would by it, I do have an XP machine and since the box clearly says "For Windows XP Only" I had my doubts about pairing it with my Powerbook.

But here I am, typing away on the keyboard and using the mouse with my Powerbook. Everything paired up nice. Have to admit, this keyboard and mouse are allot nicer then most everything else out there. This is one MS product I can recommend for people looking for keyboard and mouse for their MAC.

The keyboard comes with a nice layout of extra buttons, about half work. The Volume keys, the scroll wheel all work great on the keyboard. The tilt wheel on the mouse works great too. All of the buttons on the MS mouse picked up the Mighty mouse settings without a hitch.

So my XP machine is still using a junky old keyboard and mouse....as it should be :)

2005-12-03, 11:53
Yeah, pretty much any USB keyboard or mouse will work with a Mac, regardless of the product packaging. :)

Frankly, I think the design of Apple's current keyboard and mouse are not all that great. The original Pro keyboard was good, though.

2005-12-06, 17:05
I always used the Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo, I think it came with the MX700 or so. I got it for 75 dollars at Fry's for my cube. It worked great until I sold it to a friend when I got my powerbook, and it's still working fine there.

2005-12-06, 18:52
I would kinda like to try a Bluetooth keyboard, because it's cool to sit back on a comfy chair and type with the keyboard on your lap, but
- they seem too expensive when anything wireless would be a downgrade from my wired keyboard, and
- having to keep two keyboards around seems like superfluous, and
- I'm (maybe wrongly) expecting that a wireless kb is not going to be robust. I expect random connection breaks, having to re-establish connection after wake from sleep, non-operation in Open Firmware and/or BIOSes. I realize these problems are not present when the keyboard is RF, but then again I like Bluetooth a lot more because it allows the computer to work without superfluous plugs. RF seems like having wireless with wires. :)

2005-12-06, 18:54
How is the Microsoft BT keyboard better than Apple's, by the way?
Mouse is self explanatory. :p