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2005-12-04, 05:36

I am trying to decide between a 15" and a 17" Powerbook. I've done some research as far as performance, battery life, screen res's etc but I was wondering if some of the new powerbook owners would be kind enough to share their opinions on their machines.

If I got a 15" I'd add the 100GB 7,200RPM Drive, and 1GB Ram.

If I sprung for the 17" i'd also add the 100GB 7,200RPM Drive, and 1GB Ram.

Also, I've read conflicting reports that the 17" Powerbook screens flex more than the 15". Can anyone bust this myth? :confused:

I plan on taking the machine (either the 15 or the 17) to work with me everyday, and to be used as a work terminal as well as portable troubleshooting device. (I work as a Systems Administrator & moonlight as a VoIP Hardware Consultant) Along with doing some duty at home as a couch slugs best friend, the portable media / comms device. :smokey:

Many thanks!


2005-12-04, 12:04
trust me, if youre going for portability you are going to want that 15"

2005-12-04, 12:08
well, the 17" is very large and heavy. If you going to be carrying it around all day I would buy the 15" maybe even the 12" and just buy an external screen with the extra money. the 12"= 4.6 pounds, 15" 5.6 pounds, 17"= 7 pounds

although the 17" is the thinnest one I think it is easiar to flex. and ram is upgradeable to 2gb on the 15, and 17"

hope that helps.

2005-12-04, 12:48
I have the 15" which I carry around college all day every day. I deff wouldn't want any bigger, it would be far to heavy. Like Yontsey said, for portability get the 15"

2005-12-04, 14:13
I had a 17" PB for about a year and sold it. I wanted to use it on my lap a good bit and thought it was just too big. I wouldn't have wanted to take it anywhere very often. (I bought it mainly for desktop use but also for surfing on the couch.) Since the new 15" model has similar resolution to the old 17", I'd love to have one of those now. Go for the 15!

2005-12-04, 16:27
I have a 17" for work. It's a great computer if you want to take your desktop around with you. I use it like that. I take it from the office to home and sit it in my office there. I very rarely use it sitting on a couch or something like that. It's a bit big for that.

The 15"'s at work, however, are great for portability. If you plan on sitting on the couch or on a plane etc. then get the 15". The 17" is great for people like me that do media work and need to work at home and in an office somewhere.

2005-12-04, 18:40
I have a 17" and my GF has a 15". The 15" is a better package, and cheaper, too. I suppose if I'm honest I only bought the 17" because I'm an utter spec-whore (see also: Quad)

Buy the 15"

2005-12-07, 20:45
I have a 15" one (no sniggering at the back, there!) and sometimes find even that too heavy to carry around everyday.
I think the 17 inch is just a little too much. One guy at my Uni uses one in the library and it just screams 'Hey Look At Me!'
I think the 15" is the perfect point for both power and portability.