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2005-12-12, 19:20
I use a computer at work and at home. I don't need a portable - I need a luggable I can set up easily at work and at home.

Originally I was going to get a mac mini, and lug it back and forth - using the whichever monitor and mouse was availible. Then I heard that they might release a new x86 mini in January, so I was waiting.....

But Tomorrow is my b-day!

I was planning on buying a video iPod 60, and waiting until January to get see if there is a new x86 mini.

However, I just realized that maybe a 17" iMac is really the luggable that I want. I noticed it only weighs 15 lbs, and there is a bag at luggerbags.com. Clearly, the G5 has the performance I would enjoy.

Would it be possible to lug the iMac back and forth everyday, or is that really just crazy talk?

Thanks for any advice/input/etc....

2005-12-12, 19:33
15 pounds is doable. The Bag I carry daily uphill to campus is more than that, but I would worry about the screen. Laptops fold and therefore protect the screen but your iMac won't. If you don't need the power, I would suggest getting a mini and 2 screens/power supplies for the price you would pay for a G5. (Or even 2 minis for that matter)

If you do need power, the G5 is good.

Keep in mind this situation is exactly what a laptop is ideal for.

2005-12-12, 20:17
How much faster would the iMac G5 be? I want to play games, family photos, family videos, mess around with garageband(I play guitar), and even some OpenGL development(I've got a cross-platform game I have been working on).

I know the video card on the mini is less than stellar, but could it function as a low-end testbed? (I want my game to run on a wide variety of machines).

I already have screens/keyboards/etc at both locations. I also have a Win/Linux laptop that a lug back and forth.

I am switching because I love the mac. I even got my 75 yr-old mom a mac mini. Her pc had been trashed by spyware. She loves it.

How likely is it that the mini would be replaced in January and how fast would the replacement be?

Also - Would the screen on the iMac be safe in one of those iLugger bags?

Thanks again for any advice?

2005-12-12, 20:29
OK, The mini is out.

iMac or Powerbook.

I'm sure the case will try to protect the screen, but it is still a big risk IMO. Unless you have a hard plastic case, it is only a matter of time before you bump it on something. The "woops" factor is more than I care to gamble on.

2005-12-12, 20:38
Welcome to AppleNova, azcoder. :) In the future, please give your threads titles that more precisely reflect their contents. I've edited this one for you.

2005-12-13, 00:30
I was on the bus heading downtown the other day, and the guy next to me opened his bag to show his friend his Mini, which he said he lugged in every day and connected to a handy monitor and keyboard. I must have a limited imagination as I had not thought of the Mini that way before, and I thought it was pretty good idea.

The current Mini is powerful enough for day-to-day standard use, but I am waiting until January at least to see how they update it...and until my bank account revives after the latest round (round 8 of infinity) of the renovations to our old creaky wonderful house.

2005-12-13, 10:44
Happy birthday azcoder!

2005-12-13, 13:01
Every day? You need a laptop. Desktops are just not meant for that kind of portability. Even if you don't need it to be especially mobile, you'll hate having to move it every single day. I have a mini and it's enough of a pain to bring it home with me (which I do once a week, at MOST) that I just never do it.

Of course, it'll probably be easier to lug just the computer if you have a monitor, keyboard and mouse all set up at both locations. That's half the problem with me - I only have a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse, and an external hard drive. Add all those to the mix and it's way too bulky to easily carry with me.

2005-12-13, 22:49
I'm not sure what kind of games you have in mind, but my 15'' Powerbook has enough power to satisfy me. Sure, I'm not playing Doom 3, but Warcraft 3, Homeworld 2, Jedi Academy, UT2k4, and others play fine. It'll cost you about as much as an iMac, I imagine.