View Full Version : Where to get first-generation AirPort Cards?

2005-12-13, 14:47
The 802.11b, pre-AirPort Extreme variety (they were more rectangular in shape, and came out in 1999). I know they've been discontinued for a good while now, but a co-worker has an iMac DV, and was asking about them.

Just curious if any of you know of a vendor who may have some remaining? And since it's an iMac DV, it also needs that companion carrier/adapter piece Apple also sold separately.

Just thinking some of you might know of a place online, or an independent shop in your town?

Is it pretty much down to eBay and dealing with individuals at this point? Has it been too long for any online Mac-centric parts/repair site to still have some in the box? Or even good used ones...


2005-12-13, 14:53
what about checking or posting on MacNN

2005-12-13, 14:57
I say "Good luck".
It seems that they are going for ~$120 on ebay.

Occasionally, I will see one on dealmac for around $100.

I've seen some USB wireless adapters that might work, although I'm not sure.

2005-12-13, 15:26
Holy cow!

I just hit a few places, found by Google, and saw the prices being asked!


$169, $189, etc. And $69 or so for the carrier. I believe that was a $29 part, originally (the carrier/adapter thingie).

Wow...supply and demand at work!

Any of you have one (and the carrier) you'd be interested in parting with (for something less than the arm/leg asked for on some of these sites).

Brave Ulysses
2005-12-13, 15:27
Maybe try craigslist.

2005-12-13, 15:29
keep an eye on eBay - a few months ago, I won an auction for a card with the iMac adapter for $90 shipped.

2005-12-13, 15:30
what about checking or posting on MacNN

Because I don't go there? :)

Seriously, are they known for this type of thing? I'm sincerely asking…I haven't been there in ages, and didn't know if they were known for having a good "finding weird stuff" community.


I'll check them out...

Yeah, these prices/availability seem a bit ridiculous.

I think he needs to consider some sort of USB-based solution (I assume they exist). Or go buy some really long damn cable and make a weekend wire-running project of it.


I had no idea the price on these things have skyrocketed like this! They're almost worth more than the iMacs they go in!

2005-12-13, 15:31
Why someone hasn't come out offering original airport compatible cards for these folk i don't know.. you would think they'd make a small fortune!!

2005-12-13, 15:59
I have a carrier somewhere. I think. If that's what they're going for on eBay, I oughta make me a few bucks.

That said, if I could find it (it could 300 miles away, at my dad's house) I would be willing to let it go for rather less than what others seem to be charging, if you ended up just needing that piece.

2005-12-13, 16:06
how dare you mock me pscates2.0.....jk haha, no seriously they have a market place forum. people sell/buy/trade all kinds of stuff on there. i actually just got a 4 gig black nano in amazing condition for $175 shipped so you can get good deals there.

2005-12-13, 16:34
Man, I didn't know the carriers went up in price too. Last I checked (which, admittedly, was about two years ago), the Airport cards were expensive but the carriers were going on eBay for only $5-$20.

My school might have some extra Airport cards left over. They bought a ton of them to promote the wireless campus and I don't think they sold all of them. They're probably still at the original $79 suggested retail price.

2005-12-13, 20:00
I see them sometimes at macofalltrades.com, usually, for $150.

2005-12-13, 20:21
I was looking for one a while back but wasn't prepared to pay that much ($120) for a older technology for a older laptop (G3).

Fortunately for me, the company I work for was transitioning from iBooks to Powerbooks. I simply asked the IT guy if they had any old AirPort cards lying around. He takes one out of his desk drawer and hands it to me.

2005-12-13, 21:52
If you can't find one, or get one at a reasonable price, you could always just use an Airport Express. I used to have my Cube set up like this (sadly, it no longer is mine :( ). You plug the computer into the Express via ethernet and then set up the Express to act as a client. The computer just sees it as an ethernet connection, not wireless. Plus, you get .11g, which is faster.

The other upside is the Express base station will act as a WiFi repeater, increasing the range of the network. If you're interested in this, let me know and I'll get the settings from the Express.

2005-12-13, 23:27
I remember hearing a few years ago that there were other cards that would work.

I'll be darned if I could find more useful info about it, though.

2005-12-14, 01:06
Apparently Best Buy still sell them. ;)
They don't work. And they cost about the same as the G5, with no support.
But hey.. That's Best Buy for ya!