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2005-12-14, 02:05
Iam new to Cocoa Frame work. I ve written a programm which is similar to Apple I-Cards , in Objective C.

My application has a NSTableView which displays categories.
When the user clicks a category images of that category r displayed in NSMatrix.

In NSMatrix , i've used NSButtonCell's on which iam displaying images .

I want to implement drag and drop in my application.
i.e when user drags an image (from any where) ... and drops it in the NSMatrix a new NSButtonCell should be created and image should be set to it.

Iam stuck at drag and drop. Iam not able to drop an image in NSMatrix.
i.e iam not finding any help regarding how to catch the drop event.

Plz , help me regarding this...
Plz send me the code... (in Objective - C)

2005-12-15, 23:50
I ve got the answer for my question..... Thanx for viewing my question......

If interested go thru this link .... which implements drag and drop