View Full Version : somewhat broken iMac G5 (17")

2005-12-14, 12:13
Here's my problem:

About a week ago, my CD drive on my recently purchased iMac G5 17" (not the currently updated version) stopped working. When I put something in there, it sounds like it's reading it and then spits it out, regardless of what it is (blank, DVD, music, etc). I asked for help on the official support forums and did what they asked me to (rebooting, putting the install CD in and pressing "C") but still, same thing.

This has gotten me thinking. What if I send it in, get it fixed, sell it, and then buy a new iBook when they come out next year (if it does)? My reasoning for this is that portability is a big issue for me, with me moving pretty soon and the rather pointless urge to take the laptop to coffee shops and whatnot. I also like to move around my living space, as sitting at the same old desk bores me after awhile.

a. How much could I get for a used iMac G5 17"? Mind you, this was purchased pretty much directly before the big update (sigh), so I'm sure it'll go for much less now.

b. Will the possible new Intel iBook be much of a step down from what I was using prior? Obviously, in terms of hard drive space and screen size, definitely (and I'll miss that), but those things don't bother me as much as power and speed, things like that.

I know I'll have to spend some money regardless of how much the iMac sells, as I'm assuming it won't for much now. Just wanted someone's thoughts on the matter.

Thanks in advance.

2005-12-15, 04:49
For doing basic tasks, web surfing etc, even the current ibook isn't a bad buy. Really depends on what kind of apps you run, and what you do with them. Since we don't know when the ibook will change to Intel (although January is possible we don't have any hard facts to say it will), nor do we know what speed for the CPU, bus etc will be; so its hard to answer your questions.

On ebay you might get a far cunk of cash for it, hope that someone who doesn't know much about Macs sees it and wants it, along with a few others. I've seen people pay as much for a old rev a iMac (rev b was new at the time I was looking) as the price of a then new rev B at Apple.com. ;)

2005-12-15, 13:11
If portability is an issue, then you just answered your question :)

I say to get the iBook, whether there is a new one in January or not.