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2005-12-15, 21:14
I am about to sell my PC and am planning on buying a mac for a home recording studio. What do you guys recommend from the two options in the subject and why? (nevermind the portability of the powerbook) Also, would logic be a good choice for sofware, or pro tools? (where can I buy pro-tools, just the software?) I am planning on getting the Native instruments plug-ins as well.

2005-12-15, 21:21
What do you guys recommend from the two options in the subject and why? (nevermind the portability of the powerbook)

Well if the portability thing isn't that critical, then the iMac G5...hands down. Anyone here will tell you that. That doesn't even require much thinking.

It'll mop the floor, in every single way, with the PowerBook.

Faster processor...faster everything. A 1.9 or 2.1GHz G5 (with the faster bus and everything else) vs. 1.67GHz G4, and it's older, slower architecture. That ALONE is your answer.


Unless you truly needed the portability a PowerBook offers (sounds like you don't), this is a complete, 100% no-brainer...the iMac G5. With a gob of RAM.

Someone else will have to speak about the software part of it.

2005-12-15, 21:22
well if portability doesnt matter and youre going to be doing music recording, i would recommend the iMac. aside from being a pretty sweet piece of machinary, its has some nice power. no matter what you pick, make sure you max it out with ram because it will make your life a lot better. tiger, along with recording software, is a memory hog, so definatly beef that up. i use garageband and logic both, both are good recording programs. i just use garageband when im messing around with little stupid recordings but when i wanna do some serious recordings and such, i use logic.

2005-12-15, 21:27
Thanks....both replies so far are what I was thinking also..iMac would be the good choice..and also logic

2005-12-15, 21:34
Yeah, the G5 desktops (towers and iMacs) are just packing so much more muscle and horsepower than any laptop Apple offers. And if you're working with demanding stuff like music, video, high-end Photoshop, 3D, animation, etc., there's really no contest which one to go with...

I think you'll be much happier doing this stuff on a zippy, large-screened iMac G5. They're really great machines, especially this latest Rev. C!

And less expensive too. The low-end $1299 17" iMac is still going to trounce the high-end $2499 17" PowerBook. Think of what you can do with that extra, unspent $1200!

The ONLY thing the PowerBook really haves over the iMac is the obvious one: the ability to easily pick it up and take it with you anywhere. But if that particular feature isn't a requirement for you, then why pay more money for less performance?

2005-12-15, 21:36
I think you can get some kind of deal where you get a certain amount off on logic if you buy a computer. I dont know if that applies to a certain computer or if its a student thing or if its expired, but its something to look around for and to keep in mind.

2005-12-15, 21:56
What pscates said.

Buying my new 20" iMac was the easiest decision I ever made. No regrets what-so-ever.

2005-12-18, 18:08
You can also get an iMac bag to achieve luggable, albeit limited, portability...luggerbags.com.

2005-12-18, 20:21
Thanks for the latest feedback. Those bags are perfect!