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2005-12-16, 07:53
Hi guys. Im about to buy a G5 QUAD and i wanted to know if any of you could give me a chart of the best memory modules around there for this computer. Please give me all the brands you know so I have more options.

Thanks a lot... Kusakun

2005-12-16, 12:49
Crucial (http://www.crucial.com) is widely considered the best RAM around, but you'll pay a premium for it. Not quite as much as Apple's, but you can find less expensive stuff out there.

Kingston makes some good stuff.

Search NewEgg (http://www.newegg.com), most of the stuff they sell is good and they have great prices.

Look for things with a lifetime warranty on them and don't settle for anything less.

2005-12-17, 11:12
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2005-12-17, 13:05
FYI you can buy Crucial RAM from NewEgg. I would also recommend OWC - they are a Mac-centric shop and as such all their RAM is specifically intended for Macs. Even though all RAM should be basically the same, many people know from experience that it isn't always perfect, and some of the ultra-cheap brands aren't 100% problem-free with Macs. I have never had a single problem with OWC RAM.

2005-12-17, 13:30
I'm using 2x 512MB from OWC and no problems here. I also have a modual in the PowerBook and that's still going strong.

2005-12-19, 09:55
Ill probably go for the kingston modules. Since the crucial are expensive. So if kingston is good stuff probably go for 2/4 gb.

2005-12-19, 10:22
Where are you buying the RAM from? Because I looked at NewEgg.com for 2x1GB packages of DDR2, and they don't even sell Kingston in that type. Crucial is rather expensive - $211 for two 1 GB modules. The cheaper brands are as little as $130.

Here (http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.asp?Manufactory=&PropertyCodeValue=521%3A8080&PropertyCodeValue=523%3A8477&PropertyCodeValue=524%3A8147&PropertyCodeValue=0&PropertyCodeValue=0&PropertyCodeValue=526%3A7869&PropertyCodeValue=527%3A7870&description=&MinPrice=&MaxPrice=&SubCategory=147&Submit=Property) is the listing. This is a listing of G5-compatible 1 GB dual packs.

By the way, I haven't heard particularly glowing reports of Kingston. They're a big brand but I have heard that their Mac compatibility is not top-notch. They just charge more because they're well-known and attract lots of customers. Come to think of it, the same is true of Crucial, but Crucial has better Mac compatibility.

2005-12-19, 13:30
Hi Luca. I live in Argentina -LATIN AMERICA- And here crucial memories are expensive. I want to add that the apple reseller here sells kingston memories and not crucial.

If i were in US i would love to buy crucial ;)

And... WHAT ABOUT OCZ memory? They work in this machine?

2005-12-19, 13:43
Oh, I see. I didn't know you weren't in the US! Heh, that's why there's a "Location" field you can fill out.

Anyway. I'm not sure what your options are in Argentina. Some people say you should just get whatever's cheapest, others say you shouldn't cheap out... personally I fall a little bit into the latter category, especially when you're buying RAM for a PowerMac G5. But you shouldn't need to go overboard either.

One issue is that if the RAM doesn't work the first time, the replacement process is going to take longer and it'll cost more since you'll have to ship the RAM a long distance. That's one argument in favor of higher quality RAM.

I think OCZ is fine. I haven't used it myself, though. Also remember that almost every RAM reliability report is based on anecdotal evidence, so unless you see an overwhelming majority of users that are having problems with one brand, it's hard to get useful information.

2005-12-22, 13:24
Well actually I have decided between Kingston and OCZ. Crucial 2 gb memory set is far more expensive than Kingston and OCZ -like 250 dollars the pair-

Thanks guys

2005-12-23, 08:09
[QUOTE=Kusakun. WHAT ABOUT OCZ memory? They work in this machine?[/QUOTE]

I bought these two weeks ago and they work fine in a QUAD with no problems: