View Full Version : New iMac G5 or 1.92ghz iMac G4 Upgrade?

2005-12-19, 20:18
Hello everyone. This is my first post. I have had my iMac G4 1.25ghz 20" for about a year now, and its getting old. So should I buy a new iMac G5, or can I stick with my G4 for a few more years maybe atleast one more year, or should I upgrades the iMac G4 to 1.92Ghz and stick with the G4?

The Upgrades is located here: http://daystar-store.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=496

I can't decide so i though I would ask you guys.
Thanks in Advance,

2005-12-19, 20:40
Well it looks like it will be a while before iMac goes Intel (if that matters at all to you), so you might want to wait. That said, it really depends on what you use your machine for, and what you can aford. If you can easly aford the new iMac G5, I'd say its a good buy, but if things are tight, I'd save my money and either upgrade or hold tight till you can aford the new machine. A 1.92 GHz G4 will be faster than what you have, but is it worth about half the price of a new G5 iMac (17" is $1299 for the base model) with way better specs? That is something else you should ask yourself.

2005-12-19, 20:54
Your 1.25 ghz G4 is getting old? What do you use it for? I'm as intense a user as a non-pro user gets and my 1.25 ghz eMac does fine. How much RAM do you have? That processor ought to be fine for most uses.

2005-12-20, 16:52
Holy crap, there's a 1.92 GHz iMac G4 upgrade? That's faster (clockspeed-wise) than my new iMac!

I love the iMac G4's style...I've always dreamed of getting one and putting it on a coffee table to use as more of a "media center" computer. A 1.25 Ghz G4 would certainly be no slouch with media playing, but throw in a 1.92 GHz processor and you'd be going to 11. The 1.25 Ghz iMacs (and the 1 GHz 15") had USB 2, as well, so they're still viable, in every sense of the word.

I've never seriously looked into the Mac processor upgrade market. How good are the upgrades? Are they reliable?

2005-12-20, 16:58
I have upgraded my old PowerMac G4 to a 1.2Ghz Sonnet designed Freescale chip, from the original 400Mhz one. Its stable and benchmarks at only three points lower than my ibook G4. The newest G4 Upgrades use, normal Freescale chips, 7447A, just like those in the Powerbook G4s, other than the fact that they have higher CPU speeds. There are even some 2Ghz G4 upgrades out there, mostly overclocked 1.8 or 1.9Ghz chips though. A 1.92Ghz G4 is not faster than your iMac, it has a slower bus only 167Mhz, vs. 633Mhz. A G5 will out run a G4 chip any day of the week, even at the same speed, IMO.

2005-12-20, 17:10
Yeah, I have a 1.25 GHz Mac mini and it's a fine machine, plenty fast for everyday use. And that's with a lame little 5400 RPM hard drive. What do you use the iMac for? If it's not really demanding stuff then I don't really see the need for you to replace it.

2005-12-20, 18:18
mmmm, not cheap...

might think about it if i could take my iMac 800 to 1.92....but the 800 only gets bumped to 1.35...still that is 2x and a nice bump...but my FP 800 is a second machine (third or four actually as the iMac G5 is first and then the two iBooks and then the FP) and 500 bucks is a lot...


2005-12-21, 04:04
If your really needing speed just smacking the processer up a few hundred Hz wont make the difference - the biggest difference between the G4's and G5's for me is the System Bus - we're talking the difference between 133Mhz and 1Ghz - and thats why im struggling over keeping the G4 now and trying to everything i can to make it last a couple more years, or to buy the new Duel Core 2.3 G5 and be happy for 4/5 years before looking at an intel mac.

2005-12-21, 04:10
mmmm, not cheap...

....and 500 bucks is a lot...


Says the man with a huge new flat screen TV, media center, 20" iMac, scooter and god knows whatelse. :D

I say splurge for the iMac G5 rev. C (and save elsewhere in your life). What a great computer. I'm dying for that photobooth function - what a laugh.:)