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2005-12-22, 00:28
First time buying a mac,
Just had questions about the Power Book. I was looking to get a 12' until the guy at the store said it was a waste, so as most good salesmen do, he's got me eyeing the 15' (could be taken the wrong way) anyways, I'm looking to get the 15' and was planning on upgrading the ram to 2 gigs. Could someone tell me what this crucial place is all about, or if there are any other places that sell (good) ram cheaper than apple? Also, if I'm buying 2 1gig chips would both fit in that little 4 screw ram compartment, or would I have to get them installed professionally?

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2005-12-22, 01:32
This (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=10523&highlight=buying+RAM) looks like a decent thread to start.

To be brief, crucial is a reliable company, but I would recommend checking OWC (http://www.macsales.com/) before you buy, you might find their selection more appealing. Also it is a job you can do yourself, there are instructions in the manual that came with your PowerBook.

If you need more help, use our search function, it bring up tons of threads about this - been covered a lot.

Lastly, Welcome to AN!

2005-12-22, 02:23
thanks Maciej...

I Didn't know about the search feature. I checked OWC, but honestly I know nothing about RAM so I can't tell what brand is more appealing.

Also do you suggest I purchase apple care? I'm primarily using the powerbook for Reason and other music production purposes, and I'm wondering whether or not 300 dollars is worth it...


2005-12-22, 03:10
PB and J
Nice pun :p

I wouldn't say that any of the PowerBook models are a "waste" more than any of the other ones. The bigger ones do have some more features, but they don't have the small size. Etc.

Pretty much any RAM is cheaper than Apple's. Crucial is usually good, as is Kingston.

2005-12-22, 09:00
AppleCare for a laptop is always advisable. You never know when something unexpected is going to happen. I was very glad to have it when my laptop bag slipped off my shoulder. It unseated the optical drive and caused some other problems. All taken care of by AppleCare.

Franz Josef
2005-12-22, 09:22
Welcome FireMurphy :) The RAM is easy to fit; just make sure you use the right RAM. You can use the memory adviser function on Crucial but if you do, note the type of RAM once you've found it, leave the site, clear your browser cache, cookies and history and go back to the Crucial site without using the memory adviser. The reason for this is that Crucial often charge more for RAM bought with the memory adviser than without (ie you pay a silly premium for the privilege).

And yes, Applecare is always a good idea fopr a laptop.

2005-12-22, 09:27
AppleCare for a laptop is always advisable. You never know when something unexpected is going to happen. I was very glad to have it when my laptop bag slipped off my shoulder. It unseated the optical drive and caused some other problems. All taken care of by AppleCare.

Well, you were lucky then....Applecare does not cover accidental damage. It's just a extended warranty, admittedly with pretty good service (if you're in it). But they won't fix damage caused by accidents.

2005-12-22, 11:15
You should definitely get Apple Care, however it is worth noting that if you do not have the money for Apple Care at the time of your PowerBook purchase, you can purchase it any time before the initial year of warranty runs out.

I'm very partial to the 17" PowerBook, it just seems like the King of the Castle, Master of the Manor, whatever you may consider it. Fully decked, and with 2 gigs of RAM your PowerBook will fly. But on a less subjective note, it is possible for you to invest in a 12" and a external monitor for extra screen real estate. Someone who's better suited to answer questions about music production might be able to highlight some other options, I'm simply not into that sort of thing.

One last thing is the speculation about PowerBooks going Intel sometime next quarter. Depending on how soon you need the PowerBook, you're probably looking at sometime around Christmas, you might want to wait until January to see what other options will be out there. For more speculation, hit up the Speculation forum, there's tons of threads there.

But that is not to say that if you do buy a PowerBook now you will be disappointed. When you are entering the Mac world like I presume you are doing, getting the unit you are considering right now will be a great first laptop, and you will no doubt be quite pleased with its performance. Especially with 2 gig's of RAM.

2005-12-22, 13:43
Thanks so much everyone.

This site is amazing. I'm so excited about the PB.

Not one to shamelessy promote, but if you wanna hear the music we're making check my band out: www.myspace.com/firemurphy

thanks again

2005-12-22, 16:52
Note that the 15" and 17" Powerbooks have optical sound in ports, vs. analog on the 12" Powerbook, if you will be recording with the Powerbook that can make a difference.

2005-12-22, 20:38
Some folks are saying that Apple has essentially abandoned the 12'' PB. They say that there is not enough differentiation w/ an iBook to justify the price difference. So the salesmen are not necessarily trying a bait and switch.

Wait till after MacExpo next month before you buy. There are always big hardware announcements by Steve Jobs during the keynote address at MacExpo. No one really knows what's coming up but one rumor I read is that Mac is dropping the 12'' PowerBook. Some are speculating on new intel-based being announced early (before the June 2006 announcement made during last MacExpo) ... iBook? powerbook? imac? who knows!

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