View Full Version : Have a good deal on a powerbook G4 - should I go for it?

2005-12-25, 06:28
Hello to everyone and congrats for this excellent forum
Since my plasticky Asus laptop broke down over a month ago, I have been on the lookout for a Mac laptop. I am a native Unix user, and I want to break from cheap, flimsy plastic made laptops.
I have a deal here in Italy for a Powerbook G4 12.1 , one month old with full warranty, for 1100 euroes, which is around 600 euroes cheaper than a store price for the 12 inch powerbook. Granted that it is the older model, 1.5 Ghz G4 and 60 GB Ram with Combo Drive, but I figure I can live without the extra 20 GB and DVD writing capabilities.
I have catched up in the Intel speculations, and I am aware that a better machine may potentially spring out. My question is, will the Powerbooks really be beefed up in January, and more importantly, what is the timeframe to actually having a new MacTel on your lap? I understand a lot could be reveiled in a few days time in MWSF, but what I am looking at is actual availability times.
I am a freelance journalist on the article writing side, I seldom use Photoshop to correct some pics I take for my own personal archives, although I might be in a position to sell them soon. More than raw processing power, I need thin and light, and fully equipped - things others might discard like a 56K modem are absolutely essential to me, as I expect to travel in far off places where wireless and broadband are yet to come and 56K is more like it. I can live with the smaller 12 inch screen, since I have plenty of CRT and LCD monitors at home. I have used both 12 last generation ibooks and powerbooks, the one qualm I have about them is the heating - they both seem to heat considerably where you tend to place your left palm, although the powerbook fares better since it has an aluminium casing. Given that a brand new ibook 12.1 costs the same around here, I would definetely choose the Powerbook over it.
So, the big question is, should I join the waiting game or should I just go for it and start using my PB as early as Wednesday? I do not need anything right here and now, but I am expecting to start travelling on assignment from the middle of March, and I most positevely need something up and running there. If I keep waiting I might be forced to backtrack on a Winblows laptop should the new MacTels not be available...
Sorry for the long post and merry xmas everyone!

2005-12-25, 09:22
Well I think, as most other similar threads will confirm, that it seems a stretch to say the PBs will be updated in January - they just were two(?) months ago. Not to mention, even if they were announced in January, they might not even be shipping until February, worst case scenario.

At this point, if you can afford to wait until at least January, at most February or early March, hang on for just a bit more.