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2005-12-26, 17:22
Heres my situation;

I have an iBook G4 2 1/2 years old. Needless to say its time for an upgrade.
Im coming into some money on January 7'th and that will support the purchase of a 12" powerbook.
But I plan on waiting a couple of extra days and seeing what happens at macworld.
Here is the problem, What if Jobs and company say nothing about the new laptop line and no news comes out?
Should I go on with the purchase of the 12" powerbook or should I just keep waiting for the next biggest thing.

Your advice?

Franz Josef
2005-12-26, 17:34
Just wait and see - Jan 10 may well be quite a day. And failing that, consider going for a newly bumped 12" iBook rather than a PB.

*coughs, purchasing advice, coughs*

2005-12-26, 17:34
Purchasing Advice!

2005-12-26, 17:37
Wait for MWSF. You can bet on at least an incremental update, if not a new model. ;)

2005-12-26, 18:07
ok thanks
but, what if we dont hear ANYTHING about ANY laptop.
What Should I do?

2005-12-26, 18:12
Well if you're happy with what Apple is offering now, then go ahead with the Powerbook. If not, then wait a few months (might not be until WWDC) for the new Powerbooks.

2005-12-28, 10:18
The best advice I've read here over and over is;

If you need it now, but it now.

If you can wait. wait.

2005-12-28, 10:24
If you need it now, but it now.
Even better advice, you could buy it now too! :D

2005-12-29, 00:25
My bad....

meant to say 'buy' it..

Thanks Brad.