View Full Version : 12" iB or PB?

2005-12-26, 18:34
Hey guys, this is my first thread, so bare with me.

I'm a college student that likes taking his current PC with me to the library, coffee shops, study groups, etc. I don't do a lot of video editing or photoshopping, mostly just email, word, aim, and school work via the internet (webCT specifically). Should I buy a 12" iBook or 12" Powerbook. I plan on editing more videos and photos with a Mac because the software and OS will be better than XP. Also, I have about 14 gigs of music that I'm constantly listening to, and iTunes sometimes causes my current XP system to crash. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I really want to go with a 12" because they're cheaper and smaller. I like portability and ride my bike to class, so shaving as much weight as possible is my goal.

Thanks again. Looking forward to the switch, hope it's soon so I can go Mac even sooner.

Franz Josef
2005-12-26, 18:53
"bare with you", sorry, we've only just met. ;)

Get the iBook, 1GB+ of RAM and 80GB HD. Better value to you probably than PB and it will do what you want. Wait until 10 Jan if you can, but even if Intel iBooks are released, G4 iBook a good buy.

And welcome to AppleNova :)

2005-12-26, 18:59
First order of business: Wait until January 10th before you do anything.

Now that that's out of the way... get the iBook. The iBook should receive an update on January 9th (though we can't be certain). Also, for now at least, the iBook is nearly as good as the PowerBook for only 2/3 the price. The PowerBook has a few specific advantages but for the most part, the iBook is almost as good. The 12" PowerBook is certainly not worth $500 more than the iBook.

2005-12-27, 17:31
I just got an iBook 12" Apple Cretified Refurb. It is NEW! you cannot tell by the outside of the laptop. It is 200 off the original price, for which I got my Apple Care. The only thing is it was with 40G hdd and I had to buy 512 extra ram for about 50 bucks more. Total price was about $1100 + ~$50 for a sleeve.
Nice lappy

As for January... they will come out with Intel iBook (a friend in Apple told me) but I'd rather go with the very well tested G4 iBook untill the intelBook has some solid background.

For school iBook is your best choice. It is more durable than PowerBook and with longer battery life.

P.S. OS X is Mercedes in OS's :)