View Full Version : PowerMac or wait till MWSF?

2005-12-26, 19:59
The Apple Store on Michigan Ave. (Chicago) has an incredible deal on a returned PowerMac dual core 2 gig -- $1700. Even though it's more computer than I need, I was tempted to buy on the spot, but then I wondered if the Yonah-based Mac Mini coming out next month (so we assume) will be a smarter buy.

I need a new Mac desktop because 1) my PB doesn't have USB-2 and my new iPod video requires it 2) the PB maxes out at 640 megs and I want to install Virtual PC so I can get rid of the eight year old Aptiva I keep around for three necessary Windows apps (and don't tell me to stop using the Windows apps, it's not an option) 3) the PB won't meet the system requirements for Civ 4 when it comes out in March and 4) the PB is good enough for everything else, so I don't really need to replace it now, just supplement it.

So, in other words, I'm not going to be doing Photoshop or editing video or authoring music ... it's pretty basic computing. Still ... that's an awfully nice price for a PowerMac. Thoughts?

2005-12-26, 20:32
They wont be updating the PowerMacs for a while, since the Dual Core machines just came out in late October. I'd say its a good deal.