View Full Version : Should I leave my iBook order stand?

2005-12-29, 15:38
I decided that I want a 12" Notebook Computer just for traveling. After a lot of digging around I picked the 12" iBook (the newest one) and just the standard configuration.
All I want it for is: e-mails when traveling - writing a daily letter about the trip I'm on - something to take with me to a computer club I belong to and maybe playing a little
iPoker in my easy chair.

I can see myself downloading my camera at days end and sorting & culling pictures, but then putting them on a CD to move to my PowerMac when I get home. No long
term storage or movies. For that 512 RAM & 40 GB hard drive is plenty. I also decided I want the G4 iBook because I don't want to nurse two slightly different systems.

Amazon had a $100 rebate & that off the $999 was the best price I could find, plus a Canon printer for Free after a rebate. So I ordered it!

Now the printer is shipped but the iBook is out till the first week in January.

With the new Intel Chip Mac coming maybe in early January - what do you think? Will I get the old G4 iBook that I want or will Amazon not get anymore from Apple?

I can cancel now and pick one up from someone else, but if I get the Amazon one I'll be around $50 ahead and I know I'll have the latest, fresh G4.

Apple may not tell Amazon they're not getting more till they break the new model ..........:confused: :confused: :confused: