View Full Version : video iPOD: warranty or not?

2005-12-29, 21:30
My iPOD 2nd Gen has hit menopause and now doesn't have the juice she used to ;)
Anyway I was thinking about forking over for the top-o-da-line video iPOD but should one get the warranty from Apple or get an external warranty (aka BestBuy etc.). My sis has a 3rd gen that bit the dust conveniently 2 months past the warranty deadline...and the new ones do seem like a LOT could go wrong with them.
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2005-12-29, 21:35
Get AppleCare. Not only is it often cheaper than a 3rd-party warranty, but service is much faster.

2005-12-29, 23:00
i got a 5G and opted for the two year apple care. i used my old mini for a year with no apple care and sure enough, like the month after my limited warranty expired, my battery started flaking out. if you're gonna use your iPod on a regular basis (i.e. everyday :) ) then get Apple Care. i wouldn't really recommend BB warranties, but eh, thats my personal opinion.

2005-12-30, 15:22
My iPOD 2nd Gen has hit menopause and now doesn't have the juice she used to ;)

If your 2G iPod works fine except for the battery issue, why not replace the battery yourself with a replacement battery from Newer Tech instead of buying a new iPod?

2005-12-30, 19:31
BTW, it's iPod, not iPOD.


2005-12-31, 12:21
OldCodger73: yea, I thought about that exactly, but was thinking of donating the 2nd gen to my sis as an "I'm sorry you had such sh*tty luck" token of sorrow.

CubeDude: yes UR right, but since UR good at picking, I have a wedgie that I...:lol:

2005-12-31, 12:38
pdaparts.com also sells ipod batteries, and they have instructions how to take an ipod apart.