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2005-12-30, 18:52
Evening to you all, i am brand new around these parts. I hope to have great lengthy conversations with you all about the greatest computer company to ever grace this green earth, but to the subject at hand.

Tax season is right around the corner and I'm treating myself to a powerbook. Now, I would like a 15 inch brand-new, but refurbs are amazingly cheap, and my company gets a $200 discount off of the price of any refurb. Anyone had any luck from an Apple refubished item? any stories for me to go on?

2005-12-30, 19:30
Welcome to Applenova!

I have a 12" Powerbook refurb, and it works fine. I bought it in June 2004, I think. I had to send it in once (I still don't know what happened to it) but the warranty covered it and it was no trouble. Also, you get a one year warranty from the date you purchase it, not from the original purchase date, so the warranty is longer that if you bought brand new. (I think that's how it works)

So, go for it.

2005-12-30, 19:36
do they have refurbs in the actual apple stores?

2005-12-30, 19:59
Some of them (some smaller ones don't).

One thing, if you go the refurb route: buy AppleCare... you never know whether or not whatever problems that caused it to be returned might manifest themselves in the future. I've had my iBook for almost a year and I'm finally getting around to purchasing AppleCare.

2005-12-30, 20:08
im going to the one in Nashville.

Franz Josef
2005-12-30, 22:31
Anyone had any luck from an Apple refubished item? any stories for me to go on?Not personally but they are by reputation very reliable. I'd be more than happy to buy a refurb at some point.

2005-12-31, 01:08
Just picked up a refurbished iMac G5 (rev.B) 20 inch over the holidays.
So far so good. No dead pixels and there isn't the problems associated with rev. A.
However, there is an ever so tiny nick in on one edge...not really noticible unless you look closely. Was kind of bummed out with that, but with the savings, I can't really complain too much. More of a hassle to send it back.

In the past I have picked up an original iPod from the refurb site and it was in pristine new condition.

2005-12-31, 01:58
Sometimes referbished Macs are just machines that people returned because a new model came out the day after they got theirs and wanted the newer one. ;)

2005-12-31, 03:58
My friend had a pretty crappy mp3 player that was like... a giant metal box with a hard to navigate ugly UI. He saved up some money and bought a refurbished 30 gig iPod photo (I think?) and it worked great for oh, a month or so, then it crashed. He sent it in and Apple sent him a brand new one! Again, he just transferred his music on to the new iPod and went on with life. Suddenly, the second one went caput but I can't exactly remember what it was, but I'm thinking it was a hardware issue. As of now this new(ish) one they've sent him works great, and it's lasted the longest without any issues. I was impressed by the fact that Apple was happy to take care of his iPod woes so quickly and effortlessley. It really was like no questions asked.

2005-12-31, 04:00
I've never had a problem with refurbed. Macs, just iPods.

I've had to send back 2 refurbished iPods because the hard drives died on each of them less than a month into use. Now I am on my third, and everything looks like smooth sailing for now.

2005-12-31, 04:09
It's just as they say. Third time's a charm! ;)