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2006-01-02, 20:01
Aaah... another one to finally make the journey towards that electronic fruit. That's me, that is.

Anyway, just wondering how it makes (or doesn't make) a difference when buying an Apple.

Do you prefer buying it online or would you go to a local reseller?

In my case, I'm still a student (last year, fingers crossed), so I can still enjoy an educational discount. However, maybe I can save a few bucks more to go to an Apple Store and look out for bargains (like pre-january 10-ibooks for example).

What are your experiences (good and bad)?

2006-01-02, 21:08
i just bought a PowerBook (today :D ) and had been comparison shopping for a few months so i can tell you the best deals online, but if you want to ask questions and be sure of the product you're purchasing, i would recommend stopping by a retail store. some of the sites online are not 100% reliable and i ran into a few that were just too shady, but retail stores are a lot more simple and easy when it comes to purchasing.

i would say if you trust a site online and it's cheap, go for it. but if you want to be sure then just head to an apple store and use your student discount.

2006-01-02, 21:22
PowerMax (http://www.powermax.com/) and Small Dog (http://www.smalldog.com/) are both Apple authorized resellers and are very reputible.
Also, you do not pay tax when you buy through them which can save you lots of money.

2006-01-02, 21:29
I don't think small dog will sell new Apple products to you if you haven't bought in their brick and mortar store before. I usually buy my apple hardware in an Apple store so I can get the ed discount. Granted, I have to pay tax, but it works out close to the same as buying online most of the time and I get instant gratification.

Franz Josef
2006-01-02, 23:29
Personally I prefer to buy online directly from the Apple. I've said it before - ignoring the high quality of the product, Apple is the best fulfillment company I have come across. Painless and reliable from start to finish.

2006-01-03, 15:54
So I've read some on some other (more local) forums that quite of lot of people have problems with service and also in terms of availability, when buying from a reseller.

But maybe that's only a problem where I live.

So how did you people buy your FIRST mac? Good experience? Less good experience?

2006-01-03, 20:54
I bought my first Mac ever at a tag sale. I bought my first new Mac from apple.com. No problems at all. Sadly, there are no brick and mortar apple stores in western MA. at all.