View Full Version : Please tell me NOT to buy a Windows Media Centre PC!

2006-01-04, 16:40
I'm afraid I have a shameful secret. For the last few months I've been enviously eyeing a Windows Media Centre PC. On the one hand turning on my TV to be welcomed by a Windows login screen fills me with dread. However to be able to consolidate DVD, TV, radio, music and TV recording into a single box is mighty tempting. Xbox Media Centre is kind of cute and does me fine for most tasks, but it does not do TV or radio and is pretty noisy (which is the fault of the Xbox rather than XBMC). To have one box which does everything in my living room would be fantastic.

If Apple fails to announce a similar product at MWSF then I will find it really hard to resist a product such as this... (http://www.quietpc.com/uk/mediapc.php)

The only thing that's holding me back from buying a Windows Media Centre PC is being unable to listen to audio CDs (after the boo hiss Sony rootkit I wouldn't trust any audio CD in a Windows PC).

Please help me! And tell me why Windows Media Centre sucks and why I'm best sticking with Xbox Media Centre... but I'm struggling here.

2006-01-04, 16:44
i just can't see myself switching to that horrible operating system again. i have a funny feeling that apple will be releasing a media center type system very soon, so it might be worth the wait.

if they don't release it? why not get a hacked version of front row on your system and install salling clicker on your cell phone....it will work, but i am still waiting for the slick apple remote. There is another program called EyeTV that allows you to watch TV on ur apple....that's about all i can offer you. Good luck!

Franz Josef
2006-01-04, 17:13
What cucubee5 said. You would be much better using a current iMac with Elgato's EyeTV or waiting until next Tuesday's Keynote which may include an Apple DVR.

2006-01-04, 17:19
Don't buy a Windows Media Centre PC.

Sorry, couldn't resist

2006-01-04, 17:35
Then there's that whole virus/trojan/worm/shitty-insecure-OS thing to consider. :rolleyes:

OS X = peace of mind

2006-01-04, 17:40
Buy it so we can make fun of you when you realize the terrible mistake you've made and try to sell if off to some poor sap at work.


2006-01-04, 17:50
Excellent, thanks guys... I think I'm feeling better already. But I still don't think Apple will announce a DVR at MWSF (but more detailed debate is for other threads).

2006-01-04, 23:05
No? Maybe not a set-top box, but I wouldn't be surprised at all to see Front Row 2 included with iLife '06 with TV recording capability.

2006-01-05, 01:12
I have to admit, the MCE software does work quite nicely. If you care comfortable administering a Windows box, it isn't a horrible option. Although, I necessarily wouldn't recommend buying a media center PC, but rather salvaging some old small-form-factor PC and throwing a hauppauge card in there (and buying a remote). It makes a nice PVR and media serving machine. My one gripe comes with the fact that it is a pain in the ass to convert the video files from the MCE box to something usable by, say, an iPod video.

Hopefully, by the time I decide to dump my ReplayTV, Apple will have stepped up to the plate with something better than FrontRow.

2006-01-05, 03:04
Speaking of Media PCs and Media Macs, are there any consumer HD interfaces for the Mac? Like something I could plug into the HDMI jack on the back of my cable box to time-shift a bunch of cool stuff from Discovery HD Theater?

Edit: Duh, found it over at Elagto's site: EyeTV 500 (http://www.elgato.com/index.php?file=products_eyetv500)