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2006-01-05, 18:21
Hi there,

I would love to upgrade my Mini with an internal bluetooth module and eventually an Airport Extreme card. I know there is the D-Link BT adapter (which I use on my Powermac), but I would like the internal bluetooth module which I will built in myself (have already opened the Mini for the 1GB memory upgrade).

I have seen that such Apple bluetooth modules are sold on ebay but am not sure which are compatible with the Mini? Also, is it possible to upgrade with the bluetooth only or do I have to upgrade also with the Airport Express? I would prefer only the BT upgrade...

Also, are all the AE cards for the iBook, Powerbook the same and compatible with the Mini?

Many thanks for your help!


2006-01-23, 04:15
Any hints on this one?


2006-01-23, 04:17
I'll move this over to the Purchasing Advice forum; you might get a better response there.