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2006-01-21, 05:46
I guess this is appropriate for here....

Found this site and was suprised to see some notes from my old prgramming buddy about the VR game we designed and worked on for Sega...

Use the link bellow and scroll down to the second game 'Tech War' if you want more info.

Look at the awesome main board...


Whilst we were working on that we also advised on Virtua Fighter 2 and Daytona on the new system which also had texture mapping... We so wanted to move the whole project over... But then the specs on what we were using was not too bad for that era..

Good memories.. Look at the specs on the system board..
Interesting to compare them to today.. :)

EDIT: See the green and red LEDs. They would tell us which part of the graphics pipeline had crashed! Now that was a great debugging tool! ;)

Main CPU : 32bits RISC NEC V60 uPD-70616 @ 16 MHz (2.5 MIPS)
Graphics Co-Processor : Fujitsu TGP MB86233 FPU 32bits 16M flops
Sound CPU : 68000 @ 12Mhz
Sound chip : 2 x Sega MultiPCM Custom 28 channel PCM chips @ 8 MHz, 1 for Music and 1 for Effects. Each can access up to 8meg sample rom *per chip*
Sound Timing Chip : YM3834 @ 8MHz (only used for its timers)
Co-Processor Abilities : Floating decimal point operation function, Axis rotation operation function, 3D matrix operation function
Geometry : 180,000 polygons/sec, 540,000 vectors/sec
Rendering : 1,200,000 pixels/sec
Video : Shading Flat Shading, Diffuse Reflection, Specula Reflection, 2 Layers of Background Scrolling, Alpha Channel
Video resolution : 496x384 in 65536 colors

I particularly love Andy's quote here...
The game was also entirely written in assembler and the manuals were only available in Japanese! It's a wonder we ever finished it...