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2006-02-24, 11:00
I am canceling my MBP order and will wait for what comes out next Tuesday. If it is an ibook like notebook that I like, I will order that same day. The problem is that I had ordered AppleCare with the MBP and has already shipped. What am I suppose to get with the AppleCare? (a little box?) What I was thinking was just return that and get the ibook like laptop with AppleCare next Tuesday, if that is what comes out. If I don't like anything from Tuesday, I will just reorder a 2.0 MBP and keep the applecare. (i currently have a 1.83 and planning to upgrade for gaming)

I guess my questions are: What do I get with AppleCare shipped?
Do you know if that can be returned or exchanged?

The reason I am cancelling right now is because I still can because the MBP has not yet been started. I might as well do it now before it is too late. I know my shipping date might get longer if I reorder, but I don't really care about that. My major concern is that the new ibook will be too similar to the MBP and it might be worth more for the money. My reason for this is what apple has been doing with the iMac, upgrading too soon and for same price. What do you guys think? (as in specifications for the base model of the "new ibook" that might come out?)

Edit:Nevermind, I just tried to cancel and it gave me this "You have choosen a product that cannot be cancelled without canceling the other products that have now been selected for you. " I will have to call Apple.

2006-02-24, 12:35
Don't worry about the AppleCare, you should be able to return that no problem if you get an iBook. The iBook AppleCare is cheaper too.

2006-02-24, 13:45
thats good to know..thanks for the info

2006-02-24, 14:30
thats good to know..thanks for the info

I was about to reply the same way to your post :p