View Full Version : advice needed-Audio dept.

2006-02-28, 12:50
I've been reading your forum for about a week. My MBpro will be here in about two weeks, It's my first mac. (maxed out 2.16, 100GB-7200rpm) I had a wimdows system but it kept crashing and freezing.

My question is what firewire interface do you suggest, and what external hard drive do you suggest?:confused:
As far as the inferface I will be recording mostly vocals, R&B and Hip hop, poetry, but it must have a RCA jack for my turntables. I was looking at the edirol 101.

I want DP 4.6 (I want logic but dont want to spend a G)someone told me I might have to wait for them to configure the software to run with the intel chips is that right?:confused: Has anyone ever used DP compared to logic, I hear DP is really good for midi.

Any information that you guys have would be much appreciated. I'm happy to become a member of the Mac family.:)