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2006-03-01, 13:29
What I have already:
iMac G5 Rev. C
17 Inch

iBook G4
14 Inch

The Question:
I'm in the market for a desktop computer to use at home on weekends as I currently have my iMac at my dorm at University.

I'm in a bit of a predicament here. The new Intel Mac minis are pretty cool, but are also quite expensive. I'm wondering, just how much more of a performance boost is there between the Intel Core Solo at 1.5GHz and the PowerPC G4 at 1.42GHz?

I can get a refurb'd 1.42GHz G4 Mac Mini with 256mb RAM, 80GB HDD and Combo drive for £278 from the Online Apple Store. However, I would love to have the Intel model, and with my student discount I can get the base model (1.5Ghz Core Solo, 512mb RAM and 60GB HDD) for £404. Which do you guys think I'd be better buying, and why?

Thanks in advance.

2006-03-01, 13:54
I doubt the Intel Core Solo is going to be hugely faster than the G4 (contrary to Apple's complete BS marketing "benchmarks"). My main concern there is RAM - if you don't have at least 512MB of RAM, OS X is not going to be much fun to use.

Look for a used Mac mini with 512 MB of RAM. You should be able to find one for significantly less than the current minis, and it'll be just as good - plus, no shared VRAM!

The main problem is finding a used one from a reputable source. eBay is not the best idea. You might try an online classified board, like AnandTech (forums.anandtech.com), ArsTechnica (episteme.arstechnica.com), and MacNN (forums.macnn.com).

Incidentally, why don't you just bring your iBook home with you?

2006-03-01, 14:07
I do take my iBook home but I'm no fan of the screen on it, and I hate the idea of having it used as a desktop. I'd much prefer a dedicated desktop machine at home.

I'd love to get a used iMac G4 too, but those are looking a bit pricey.

2006-03-01, 23:56
my bro needs a simple computer....would you buy the new mac mini or try and find a orginal mac mini?


2006-03-03, 20:01
I suppose on a related note then, how do you think a duo core Mac Mini 1.66 would fare against a G5 iMac 2.0?

While the MacMini is certainly not a "pro" machine, do you think the high end model would be able to run native Illustrator and Quark (when it's available) adequately?

2006-03-04, 04:47
sounds like you're just being greedy to me

2006-03-04, 06:41
really sounds like you have no need of another cmoputer right now. spaning hack, get external display, use iBook...

2006-03-04, 07:23
Looks like the early reviews and comparison testing are starting to come in... see for yourself. (http://www.macworld.com/2006/03/firstlooks/minibenchmarks/index.php)

Depends on what you want it to do (UB or Rosetta or what)... in some cases it does not appear to be much faster than the old (cheaper, but with dedicated VRAM) 1.42.

2006-03-04, 12:32
Yeah, for now, it looks like a refurb G4 mini 1.42 is the way to go.

2006-03-04, 16:38
oh and by the way to the person who commented to me saying

"If you're going to post, at least make it constructive or relevant to the discussion."

that was constructive, this guy really has no need for another computer

2006-03-04, 16:48
Seems odd to me too. I use my Powerbook as much as possible, even in preference to my Quad, (unless I'm really crunching a video render) because it has all my "stuff" on it.