View Full Version : Don't let your new macbook sludge with 512mb ram

2006-03-22, 23:34
I received my mbp the other day and was somewhat dissapointed by the performance boost (i mainly multitask with a zillion different applications running (no prof. video, audio, editing etc.) I only had 512mb ram and was waiting for a 1 gig stick to come in. I received it today and promptly installed the ram. I noticed instantly a huge performance gain from switching between programs and more noticable opening applications, although I didn't time differences it was atleast twice as fast opening application (for some much more than that) Now I don't know all the technical mumbo but it seems to me for consumer tasks and multitasking the ram is the least common denominator (at least with 512) limiting the performance of the machine. So please if you have a mbp and your kind of in my boat do yourself a favor and feed your book some ram.

2006-03-22, 23:36
This is true for any computer, not just MBPs, and not just Macs. The more RAM, the better. Today, a gigabyte of RAM is a good amount that will make your computer run smoothly without costing you an arm and a leg. More is always nice, of course, if you can/want to afford it.

2006-03-29, 04:30
Yeah mine was pretty much unusable for anything non-native with 512MBs. I had to break down and get a gig somewhere in town after 2 days...since I've added the extra RAM I can really see how much faster this is than the G4s. If it's a PowerPC binary that's a different story, but Iit works for me. Photoshop doesn't exactly fly, but its certainly better than my iBook.

2006-03-29, 05:13
Yup.. What ghoti says.

My Rev 1 17" G4 is maxed out with ram and it's still fine for everything I do, including video editting and running lots of apps all at the same time...

Lots of RAM and your HD with at least a third of it's space free and you'll have a nippy machine!