View Full Version : Faster Non-Apple RAM (for PB G4)

2006-05-18, 15:34
All this talk about MacBooks and a presentation next week has made me want to upgrade my trusty PB from 768MB to the 1.25GB maximum. Problem is, I will need to buy the memory in a store rather than online if I want to have it before next week. So looking at some webpages, there are SO-DIMMs that are specified at 333MHz (I need 266MHz), but I don't really know much more about them. Are those going to work, given that they're faster than they have to be? No word on cache latency or other parameters, but I expect those to be pretty much the same for all that memory. Has anybody tried this with "foreign" memory (Kingston in this case)?

2006-05-18, 15:39
Other brands of RAM should work, and speeds higher than what the MacBook is "supposed" to take should work too. But they won't get you any kind of actual speed increase. When the computer is meant to take 266 MHz RAM and you install 333 MHz RAM, it'll automatically downclock to 266 MHz. So it'll work, but you won't see any kind of speed increase.

2006-05-18, 15:47
Yes, I know it's not going to get faster. I'm just worried about wether a stick of generic faster memory will work at all, or if there is some special magic parameter that has to be right (since Macs are supposedly very picky about memory - what are they picky about?).

2006-05-18, 15:55
I've used third party RAM in all of the Macs I've owned. I had OWC RAM in my Wallstreet, various brands in a couple of different PowerMacs, RAM from WeLoveMacs.com in an iBook, Geil in my Mac mini, and now Crucial in my 12" PowerBook. I have never had a problem. I obviously cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that whatever you buy will definitely work, but it's pretty likely.

Macs simply have higher tolerances. Some really, really cheap RAM may cause problems in Macs that won't show up in PCs, but even that doesn't seem too common. And if it doesn't work despite being the right kind, it's usually a problem associated with the particular stick of RAM you got, not with the brand or anything. You can always take it back and get it exchanged.

2006-05-18, 16:19
Alright, I'll try it. If it doesn't work, I'll send you an invoice. ;)

2006-05-18, 19:06
It works! Great! And I always thought Macs were complicated ... ;)