View Full Version : want a mac, but also need "pc-only" software

2006-06-15, 13:35
hi there,

i have been waiting to get a new computer for a while. i've been reluctant to buy one, because the software program that i need to buy for my research, Atlas t.i., only runs on PCs and i really didn't want to give up my mac. :(

now that the macbook and macbook pro are available, can i buy one of them and assume that atlas ti will run? i'm a little confused about how the new intel chip works and want to make sure that it does run program that were previously only available for pc's. atlas ti did NOT run on the previous program that was available for macs to convert things from pc's.

thanks for your advice! i really want a new mac!

2006-06-15, 13:37
All new Intel Macs can boot Windows natively for those apps you really really can't do without. It requires:

1) A copy of Windows XP
2) BootCamp, Apple's solution to do the majic.
3) Rebooting into Windows, and then back into MacOS X.

But yes, you can do this.

There is also a virtualization layer called Parallels that allows you to boot Windows (again, you need a copy) *on top of* MacOS X. You're going to need a buttload of RAM for that to be useful, and it won't let *every* app run well, but it certainly will be better than the solutions that were available under OS9.

2006-06-15, 13:39
Bootcamp will allow you to run XP just like any other non-mac computer. I am on XP in my MacBook via BootCamp running multiple PC only applications right now as I post this. Go get yourself a new mac and a copy of XP with sp2 on it and you are ready to go! It is great to be able to have a Mac and run OS X all the time unless I need to do stuff for work in XP. Hope that helps!

2006-06-15, 13:45
awesome! thanks for your advice and quick replies! :) i would have written back sooner, but my imac crashed again and i had to restart...further evidence that i am desperate for a new mac!

2006-06-15, 14:02
Also check out Parallels Desktop (http://www.parallels.com/en/products/desktop/) released today. It differs from Boot Camp in that you run Windows inside a virtual machine under OS X - you don't need to reboot your Mac. The virtualization technology employed doesn't suffer nearly the performance problems that have plagued "emulation" products like Virtual PC.

Looks like they're offering a $30 discount for the first month.

Edit: Whoops, Kick already mentioned it. Missed that on first read.