View Full Version : How much could I get for this setup, now or in January?

2006-07-30, 16:29
I'm looking to upgrade to a 17" MacBook Pro in January or February 2007. I'm thinking the next upgrade after they go Merom.

I have a very elaborate setup currently which I am planning on selling. Every bit of it. It's gonna be hard to part with it, for a love it very much, but it's aging, and I need to keep up with technology.

Here's what i've got, more or less.

Dual 1.25Ghz Mirrored Drive Doors PowerMac G4 (Ships in original box with all original material and disks)
1.75GB DDR SDRAM (3x 512mb, 1x 256)
2x 320GB Seagate Hard Drives
2x 80GB Seagate Hard Drives
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro/256mb Vram (with original box and all manuals, disks, and accesories)
ATI Radeon 9200/128mb Vram (with original box and all manuals, disks, and accesories)
Includes original Radeon 9000 Pro/64mb Vram
8X Superdrive (Optical drive bay 1)
40X CD-RW (Optical drive bay 2)
17" Apple ADC Moniter (Ships in original box)
15" Apple ADC Moniter
Apple DVI-ADC Adapter
Add-Logix DVI-ADC Adapter (Ships in Original Box)

All video cards are authentic mac cards. Not flashed PC cards.

My two questions are as follows.

First, how much approximetaly could I get for this on Ebay?

Secondly, how much could I get for it on ebay in January or February. It's got to be slighly less right?

Also, if anyone has suggestions on a better way to go about the whole idea of upgrading, please share.

Thank you.

2006-07-30, 17:07
I'll give you £20


Seriously, though, that looks like a fucking sweet setup. Are those graphic cards running concurrently?

2006-07-30, 17:10
The 9800 and the 9200 are both in the computer. Not currently at the moment actually. I sent in the 9800 for a replacement because it was defective. As soon as that comes back, they will both be in, and i'm also putting in a slot fan to keep the 9800 cool enough with the 9200 in there.