View Full Version : Buying an iSight (within Europe)

2006-08-08, 16:36
Hi :)

Since the iSight's have been taken off the UK store its becoming quite difficult to get one a brand new one now ... There still available at PC World for £89.99 and I'm just wondering if I should grab one whilst I still can? I really don't need it until September, but I can afford it now and a new Apple gadget wouldn't go a miss :)

I was waiting until the WWDC keynote was over to see if there would be a new model out, but after watching all the (amazing) new iChat features that will be coming with Leopard I really can't see the current iSight changing much anytime soon.

So ... Just to get some more feedback on the subject I was hoping some other members could fill me in on their views?

2006-08-08, 16:41
I personally would wait. They are likely to bring out a replacement if the apple store has stopped selling them, and there are always going to be a steady flow on eBay if PC world run out.

Theres no point getting one until you need one really. :)

2006-08-08, 16:55
RoHS is a bitch, huh?

On the bright side, at least the new model (when it surfaces) won't kill you with mercury poisoning. Always a bright side....

2006-08-09, 01:31
Hmm, I guess I'll just wait for a bit then :)