View Full Version : Cheapest DVD-R (External)...What/where?

2004-12-03, 11:28
The title says it, but where can I get the cheapest DVD-R external drive for my PowerBook. I was hoping it would be at least 4x. I found a "Premier DVD" from macmall that was only $99, but I never heard of them before.

2004-12-03, 12:44
I found a "Premier DVD" from macmall that was only $99, but I never heard of them before.That's probably why it's so cheap. ;)

Seriously though, the best deal out there right now is the Fantom 16x Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive at onsale.com (http://www.onsale.com/onsale/shop/detail.asp?dpno=498513) . That's a kick-ass burner for 100 bucks.

2004-12-03, 12:55
That IS a damn good deal there 709. A regular DVD burner will cost you $75-$80, and a Firewire case usually runs about $30-$40, so getting the entire (Mac-compatible) package for $100 is a great deal.

2004-12-03, 12:55
Does this DVD drive work with most DVD-R's? I have found that my Pioneer 105/A05 is very picky about working with not name brand dvd's.

Of course I hadn't updated the firmware.

2004-12-03, 13:29
Probably because it's just old. I've never had a problem with unlabeled DVD-Rs in any of the DVD burners I've owned - one Pioneer DVR-107 and one NEC ND3500a.

2004-12-03, 13:48
I think that's the one I was talking about from macmall.

See? (http://www.macmall.com/macmall/shop/detail.asp?dpno=498513)

2004-12-03, 14:07
Ah. So it is. Fantom must be blowing out the plastic-cased models then.

Grab it. It is a very good deal.

2004-12-14, 12:48
To bring this thread back to life quickly.

My dad is in on getting a burner...so for compatibility...will this fantom one work will 3rd party media well? Any brands that are more likley to let me write whatever media I want?

I have found out the a05/105 was notoriously bad at writing other media types, but I'm afraid my next burner will be like that. Can I go with a fantom drive, or should i stick with a new pioneer or sony drive?

2004-12-20, 22:30
I just got an LG 5120D DVD burner. In US dls it should have been like 140 US. Its a 12 X multiformat. It works really well on my iBook and PC boxes. Also I recommend you look at the patchburn v3 .. which makes the external "unsupported" external burner being supported in OSX (www.patchburn.de).


2004-12-20, 22:45
I got that fantom burner. It's pretty nice.

2005-02-07, 15:30
Here is the same burner, one for USB (http://www.onsale.com/onsale/shop/detail.asp?dpno=499402) and one for FIREWIRE (http://www.onsale.com/onsale/shop/detail.asp?dpno=498513), which should I get?? Will the USB 2.0 still work with OSX even if it is not listed? Is this a good burner? Will it work with iDVD5?

2005-02-07, 16:00
I always recommend FireWire.

See a good reason here (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?postid=163329&perpage=1).

iDVD 5? Yes and no. iDVD won't burn directly with an external drive, if I recall correctly, but it will allow you to save your project as a disc image. Then, you can use the Disk Utility tool to burn that image.

2005-02-07, 17:08
This is what I'm getting, being in the same situation. Yes, it's probably one of the most expensive ones mentioned, but it is really cool! I hate printing labels for cds/dvds, and I like using the skinny cases, so this solves the problem of printing something that will fit on those tiny spines. I'll just stay out of Starbucks for a few days so I can afford it. Anyone have it?

Sorry about all the ******. Too lazy to take them out.

LaCie DVD±RW 16x Double Layer Lightscribe FireWire Toast

Mac only, includes Toast Titanium, LightScribe (burn-flip-burn, silk screen quality, laser etched)

** -- SPECIFICATIONs -------------------------------------
INTERFACE/BUS- (1) IEEE-1394a/FireWire port
CAPACITY**** - 4.7 GB/8.5 GB (double layer disc is required)
TECHNOLOGY** - DVD+R9 (Double Layer), DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-R and CD-RW.
****************CD : 130ms
BUFFER****** - 2 MB
****************40x CAV
DVD SPEEDS** - DVD+RW**: 16x4x16x (Write, ReWrite, Read)
****************DVD-RW**: 8x4x16x**(Write, ReWrite, Read)
****************DVD+R DL: 2.4x
CD SPEEDS****- CD-R****: 40x (Write)
****************CD-RW** : 24x (ReWrite)
****************CD-ROM**: 40x (Read)
WRITE METHODS- DVD-R**: Disc-at-Once, Incremental recording,
Multi-border recording.
****************DVD-RW : Restricted Overwriting
****************DVD+R**: Incremental recording
****************DVD+RW : Random recording
****************CD-R/RW: Disc-at-Once, Track-at-Once, Session-at-Once,
**************************Packet Writing.
****************4.7GB DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, 8.54GB DVD+R9 (Double Layer),
****************700MB CD-R/CD-RW
**********************CD-Extra, CD-Text.
****************DVD: DVD-ROM, DVD+R, DVD-R (General Use only), DVD+R DL,
**********************DVD+RW, DVD-RW, DVD-Video.
SOFTWARE****- Includes Toast 6 Titanium and Toast Lite 5.2.2
****************** "****LaCie LightScribe Labeller
REQUIREMENTS- Mac: Power Mac G4 500MHz or faster
********************256MB RAM
********************Mac OS 9.1 and 10.1.2 or later (Single Layer recording)
********************Mac OS 10.2.3 or later (Double Layer recording)
********************Mac OS 10.3.2 or later (LightScribe printing)
SIZE - 6.3"w x 1.7"h x 10.6"d