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2005-01-06, 09:37

This is my first post, I wonder if you could give me some advice...?

I'm planning to move from the UK to South Korea later in the year to teach English. I'd like to take a laptop with me so I can prepare lessons; manage my music collection; store photos; stay in touch with friends and family and generally keep my diary and finances in order. Until this point I have been a dissatisfied Windows user who has not had much contact with Macs, but after MANY hours of reading and a play on an iMac I'm convinced I need to get Apple into my life - so much so that I am not even contemplating a Windows based machine.

As such I'm really interested in the iBook and would appreciate some advice from those who know and use them. :)

1. Firstly, am I a fool to consider buying a laptop in this country and relying on it half way round the world!?? I wouldn't save any money buying in Korea, I'm more concerned about support and repair issues. I am keener to buy it before I go as I'm not sure that the Korean software will be the same, and besides, I'd need to install all my music. Is it too much of a risk though?

2. Assuming that it would be alright, would I find any compatibility issues when it comes to connecting to Korean broadband? I know that the Koreans are very IT savvy and doubt there will be a problem, it's more a case of *me* not being very IT savvy. :)

3. How would you suggest I backup up my files? I'm interested in the 12" iBook, with an 80Gb HD and 512 RAM upgrade, but am now wondering if I should go for the SuperDrive equipped 14" model just to make backing up easier.... Or should I just buy an external HD? Then again, these fail.......

Thinking aloud a moment, I guess if this is my only computer I WILL need a way of making backups to disc won't I? I am keener on the 12" though as it will be easier to transport into school... Aaargh! :confused:

These are my main concerns, I have others but they are trivial really. From what I've read OS X is incredibly stable, and the iBooks seem well built, so I'm hoping if I get a couple of months trouble free (touch wood) use with it in the UK it should be fine abroad... am I deluding myself? :confused:

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. If you have ANY other thoughts you think I'll find useful, believe me - I will. :)

Sorry for the long post.

2005-01-06, 15:11
Well, welcome to the world of Apple!

Okay if I were you, I would get the 12" iBook Applecare 512mb RAM and an 80gb HD. Also, get a bunch of CD-R's to do backup on. get a good, strong case, and you should be set!

2005-01-06, 20:14
For backups, you shouldn't need the superdrive for everyday work - the combo drive in the 12" can burn CD's just fine. Personally, I just use my iPod as an external hard drive, which works well. Also, don't buy the RAM from Apple, buy it from somewhere else good. It will be the same quality, but lots cheaper.

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2005-01-07, 14:33
Thanks for your replies, I guess the Combo drive will be sufficient then - good :)

Does anyone know anything about how 'usable' or otherwise a foriegn bought computer will be abroad / in SK though? Is everything compatible? I can only see myself printing and connecting to the web.

Thanks again.

2005-01-07, 14:51
Welcome to AppleNova! :)

To answer one of your questions...

2. So long as you can get a standard ethernet modem, you will be perfectly fine. A lot of USB modems work with Mac OS X, but some don't. Plus, USB has much lower bandwidth than ethernet. If the ISP doesn't explicitly say it uses ethernet modems, request one.

2005-01-07, 14:52
Does anyone know anything about how 'usable' or otherwise a foriegn bought computer will be abroad / in SK though? Is everything compatible? I can only see myself printing and connecting to the web.
Everything should be as compatible in SK as it would be in the USA. :)

mama's left eye
2005-01-07, 18:14
Sorry if off topic, but you HAVE to buy the Pantene shampoo! I don't know what they put in that stuff over there, but it is the best thing since sliced bread!

Good choice on the iBook. I had a 12" and it was great. I dropped it more times than should have and I never had any problems with it.

2005-01-07, 18:17
Dunno, the iBook can't play Lineage. you might stick out like a sore thumb. :)

2005-01-09, 18:17
Thanks again for the help guys. I'm pretty sure I can buy with confidence now.

Btw - we get Pantene in the UK, and I don't plan to spend my evenings playing computer games ;)