View Full Version : I'm looking for a high speed USB flash drive.

2009-05-14, 22:51
I know it seems simple enough, but I figured I'd get input from people here who actually have used one. Basically I end up using flash drives for large files regularly and would like to have a high speed one that can handle a DVD file with relative ease. My Sandisk drives are slow as crap when it comes to moving large files.

2009-05-14, 23:04
I picked up a Patriot Magnum drive a while back and it's awesome. 64GB, was under $100 at the time, and it's pretty damn fast and has a metal exterior.

2009-05-15, 06:24
This (http://arstechnica.com/hardware/news/2009/05/usb-flash-drive-roundup.ars) is a timely article for you.

2009-05-15, 14:37
Thanks for the input guys. I'll look over the article in a few. :)

2009-05-15, 16:15
If time isn't a factor, I see the high-speed ones of Slickdeals.net from time to time. Not super often, though.

2009-05-15, 21:42
Time isn't a factor really. I'll keep an eye out. The Patriot was the one I was looking at anyway, so it's nice to know they seem to be rated best. I'm not interested in eSATA so the other is out.