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2009-06-10, 20:22
C|Net Article (http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10261742-56.html?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-5)

Microsoft plans to stop selling Microsoft Money, its venerable, but not market-leading personal finance program, CNET News has learned.
The software maker has been notifying financial institutions and plans to announce the move to customers over the next 24 hours via a posting on its Web site and a notification in the software. Although Microsoft will stop selling the product at the end of June, it plans to support it through January 2011.

About a year ago all titles were pulled from retail shelves and now they are pulling the plug. I've used Money for almost 10 years. My oldest transaction is dated 12/14/1999. I'm so used to Money that I just don't know where to go from here. I'm not really interested in Quicken though I do use it for my Corporate account.

I feel like one of the old guys who comes into my store complaining that their computer died and they need to replace it. They are trying to convince me I need to sell them a DOS 6.21 system because it is way better than Vista! They just don't want the change.

Well here I sit on my Mac using Parallels all the time because I can continue to use MS Money Premium 2007. :| It's safe to assume that some form of Quicken will be around for the foreseeable future, but I thought that of Money too.

So rather than just move over to Quicken I thought I'd see what's out there. I don't like the idea of using an online version because that a lot of financial data on someone else's server. Encrypted or not, I don't feel comfortable doing that. What I would love to have is the ability to enter transactions on the go with my WM6 phone or my iPhone/Touch. At this point I'm considering getting an iPhone 3Gs to pair with my HTC Fuze, but I haven't made up my mind yet.

What's out there? Do you use it or which one do you use? Why? Thanks! :)

2009-06-10, 21:58


It doesn't attempt to wow you with amazing charts showing you how much money you don't have. It's an envelope budget application that shows how your money is divided and where you are on the plus side and where you are negative. All in a single window interface.

You do have CVS, QIF downloads from your institution as well.

It's part of the Mupromo ending soon so you can demo it and see if it's worth getting in the bundle.


And iPhone client will be out to sync with the desktop version soon The developer was waiting for SDK 3.0 and Core Data to develop against.

2009-06-11, 09:52
Quicken beta is now free and is really looking like a mac program. I haven't much experience with it beyond saying it's pretty. I guess it'll be retail in 2010.

Though I imagine the biggest issue is transferring data and t really sucks when they make it difficult. Any reason why you'd really need to upgrade, are there features missing?

Maybe we can expect iFinance by Apple soon. :P The Nintendo strategy.

2009-06-11, 09:58
I use iBank for personal finance tracking, and it works well for my needs. It's really easy to use and feels more like a Mac app than other options (Quicken, I'm looking at you and your byzantine ways). I use it to keep track of 2 checking accounts, a savings account, credit card, and a portfolio...

2009-06-11, 10:21
To be honest, I'm so lazy, I use Mint.com.

2009-06-11, 14:17
You gotta have an iPhone client.

At least with mint.com you can browse to it from a iPhone/iPod Touch but I've gotta be able to add stuff on the road and sync up when I get back. I think most of the popular apps either have an iPhone client or one is in progress.

I doubt I'd trust Quicken have they "ever" delivered?

2009-06-11, 21:43
I guess I don't *have* to have an iPhone client, but it sure would make certain things easier. When MS dumped support for WM sync I was annoyed. I did move on though. I've looked through some of these options and I'm not seeing what I like. Quicken is the closest, and I don't like it.

I have something like 30 accounts being tracked right now. Half or more are closed so I guess I don't need to track them, but they are still there. I'm still annoyed. Thanks for the ideas so far though. Maybe I should give some of these other apps a shot.