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2009-06-21, 11:19
I'm finally ready to use the surround sound setup installed in my house. We've got 4 runs of speaker cable through the room in the proper placement for 7.1 sound. 3 speakers at the front and 4 in the room. They're in the ceiling, so it's not an ideal setup for "good" surround but it's all I've got...

Anyway, I'm looking for flush mount speakers to put into the ceiling. Any recs? I'm looking for a good price/performance ratio. I'm not interested in spending $400/pair but I'm not going to cheap out either. TIA.

2009-06-28, 11:22
It's really rude to rip on other posters for not googling for something when you do the same yourself.

2009-06-28, 11:26
It's really rude to rip on other posters for not googling for something when you do the same yourself.

You're really exceeding your mandate as the forums' police here, Partial. I think he got the point in the other thread.

2009-06-28, 13:07
It's really rude to rip on other posters for not googling for something when you do the same yourself.

You must be new here. Asking for purchasing advice is pretty standard. There may even be a particular sub-forum for it. (Seriously, it doesn't help to bring problems from one thread into another).

Re: Torifile's Request:

I'd highly recommend anything from Paradigm (http://www.paradigm.com/en/paradigm/news/). I have their Titans, and they sound so beautiful my wife and I actually teared up the first time we listened to them. That from a pair of speakers that cost us $350 CAD (on sale for $100 off)!

I haven't heard their home theater speakers, but I'd definitely give them a listen.

As general advice, I'd go to a nice home audio store and bring something with great sound (like a concert DVD, a film with great sound, etc.) and give a bunch of them a listen. Good stores should have listening rooms where you can hear a bunch of them in a row.

2009-06-28, 13:23
I'll be installing a pair of in-ceiling speakers this fall in our kitchen. I'll definitely give the Paradigm speakers some consideration. I've heard good things about the brand in general. Actually, I just was given a set of used Paradigm bookshelf speakers (free from my Dad! - he did not need them anymore) that I will be using elsewhere and am looking forward to hearing how they sound.

2009-06-28, 21:51
Thanks, Partial, for resurrecting this thread.

I'll have a look at Paradigm, too.

The problem with going into a store is that I don't know of any in the area. I'll have to look into a speciality shop. I hate small stores like that, though, because they always smell of death and desperation. Small business is tough...

2009-06-28, 21:55
Jebus, I didn't even realize that he'd done that - I didn't check the date when I replied.

Anyway, I was out of town when you originally posted, otherwise I would have posted my reply back then (minus the sarcastic bit). Glad it still applies.

2009-11-10, 15:15
I'm about to close on my house and I think I'm going to switch to mainly in-wall speakers and put them in my ceiling in the living room. I'm looking for some more advice for some speakers. Not looking to spend a bundle. Preferably I'd like to get 5 because I run a 7.1 and I'm going to keep my main two upfront as well as my center channel.

They have some great prices on monoprice but I'm not sure of the quality. They also had some ones that were 15ยบ angled which would be really nice.

I would like to stay close to $100/pair if at all possible. Suggestions? Any reviews on the basic monoprice speakers?

2009-11-24, 20:08
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You can purchase some wall plates with binding posts to attach your speakers easily or go with your plan. Just find a stud to attach the mount to or purchase some metal anchors that will hold alot of weight. Drill a hole in your plate and h/u the wires. As far as your brackets, attach one half to the speaker and the other half to the ceiling then attach to each other, then hook up your wires.
Keep on posting!

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2009-11-24, 21:04
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