View Full Version : Standalone CD/DVD Duplicator

2009-06-24, 09:56
Does anyone have any experience and recommendations for a good standalone DVD duplicator? We were all set to order a Lacie Dupli Disc DVD125, but according to out usual source for this kind of thing it's now been discontinued and he can no longer get it.

We are looking for a walk-up duplicator that will do from 3-5 discs at a time. I don't want one with any kind of robotic disc movers (been burned on one of those before). We just need a tower that has multiple drives in it.

I may still be able to find one of the Lacie units on-line but before we grab a discontinued product, I'd like to see if anyone has any other suggestions. The Lacie was going for right around $700, so the closer I can stick to that, the easier it will be.