View Full Version : iPhone 3GS, purchase locked or unlocked?

2009-06-26, 05:03

I'm on the verge to get an IPhone 3GS and also enroll Apple's developer Program (ADP) and there are three choices to pick from:

Option 1: locked iPhone 3GS no contract for 600 Euros
Option 2: clean unlocked (direct from carrier) iPhone 3GS no contract for 700 Euros
Option 3: locked iPhone 3GS with contract, total cost 650 Euros

Option 1: will need to unlock it by my self to use it with current carrier, jailbrake, hacking, full freedom at the darkside of the force
Option 2: is the clean one, no need to wait for unlock each software update, no bad conscience, no paranoia, no worries
Option 3: locked to new carrier with locked phone, no freedom, expensive phone calls, reasonable internet price, clean software, option to unlock by myself.

The questions are:
1.- Technically speaking, is there some kind of limitation having an unlocked iPhone and at the same time operate it with SDK's and software seeds from ADP?
2.- Or in other words, is it worth giving 100 Euros to forget unlocking once an for all, and to have peace of mind with ADP?
3.- Or in other words, is possible to save 100 Euros, unlock, jailbrake and join ADP with no worries

Thank you very much for your help and advise
Best Regards