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Stone Of Love
2009-07-20, 21:09
Ok, I've been a Palm guy for 11 years now. 3 years ago got my first smart phone, the Treo 680.

I love my Treo, but its starting to show its age, and I'm pretty sure I'll have to do something in the next year.

I've read about the 3Gs, read that some people think the battery sucks, others think its just fine. I think the new Camera will be a huge upgrade over what I've got now with the 680, but I really wish it had 64gigs of space. But after all that, I'm really more concerned about my 11 years of data!!

Has anybody here made the move from a Palm OS phone to the iPhone? And what if any data transfer issues have you had?

In the last year, as a test, I moved my data from the Palm/Treo to iCal. (not sure why I didn't do contacts to Address book) Only problem I saw was that some of the entry's that were "1 day" entry's, got dragged over to the next day or two. Not a huge problem, and something I can correct over time (with effort). So I'm pretty confident it will work. But I'm wondering if there is more that I haven't seen. I don't know anybody who's made this move who can talk about what it took to make the move. And before I do this, I'd like to get some first hand info!

So I turn to you guys.

What do you know on this subject?

2009-07-20, 22:30
I always used Missing Sync with my Treo and when I got my iPhone I didn't even notice anything happen with the contacts.. It all just worked. :)

It sounds that you are a bit more careful about your contacts and calendars. I doubt I would even notice if I lost a contact or a date got moved..

But overall (even with how sexy the new Palm looks) I would never go back to Palm. And I loved my Treo to bits.... I still have it actually. :)

2009-07-20, 23:09
What scratt said. I was a Palm guy who moved over to WM6 and iPhone. Missing Sync made it simple and painless.

My mom moved from Palm to BlackBerry and Missing Sync made it painless too. :)

Stone Of Love
2009-07-21, 10:35
I guess neither of you two were using the Palm desktop. I've always used it, and haven't played much with iCal or Address book. Only time I had to use Missing Sync was pre-Treo so I could get my itinerary's off of the Sabre system to my Palm.

For the test, all I did was export the data from the Palm Desktop as vCal or vCard file and put those into iCal or Address book. All is fine. I figure that from there a sync with iTunes would put all that data on to the iPhone. Is this correct?

The problem with the iCal taking an entry and dragging it over two days when it had only been one, is because the entry's on the Treo had no "time" associated with them. Basically just notes to myself that I left at the top of any given day. For some reason with the transfer they become "start date 5/11/08 end date 5/12/08" strange.

Since I don't have the space available yet on an iPhone so I use it to replace my 80 gig iPod Classic, it seems to make sense to just get a 16 gig. Use that for a few years and wait till the really crazy versions come out!! :lol:

And fwiw, I'm not liking what I'm hearing about the Pre at all! iPhone or Ebay are my two choices.