View Full Version : Good iPhone earbuds?

2009-07-29, 16:00
So my Apple set crapped out (the sound in the left bud diminished by 50% 3 weeks ago, then totally died today). I've gotten used to the hands-free convenience of having a mic on the cord so I can be chatting while cooking or something, so I only want a pair with mic. The in-ears look nice but they're $79. I'd prefer to stay under $50. So, what do other iPhone users use?

2009-07-29, 17:14
Hmm. I've never used my iPhone earbuds, both because I like talking into phones and because I know from experience that Apple's regular earbuds don't fit my ears. They've just been sitting in the bottom of my iPhone box. They still have that "Listen Responsibly" tape around them :lol:

I could send them to you, if you'd like to give the regular iPhone earbuds another shot? PM me.

2009-07-29, 17:16
I've had two pairs of the Griffin ones with the mic (http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/tunebudsmobile) - which were fine - but the cable breaks at the jack. They replaced it once under warranty - I dont think they'll do it again. I think I'm just really hard on my headphones.

I now use a pair I bought as a backup - they're cheapo Coby ones, (http://www.cobyusa.com/?p=prod&prod_num_id=321&pcat_id=4009) but actually they fit well, seem to be able to withstand the abuse I give them, and sound fine to me. No mic, though. (But they're only $15-$20!)

I just can't bring myself to buy an expensive pair as I'm 100% sure I'll break them...

2009-07-29, 19:41
In a moment of insanity I bought the Apple in-ears, and I cant say I would recommend them.

First off they keep falling out of my ears, but I understand this is an ear specific thing possibly, so wont hold that against them. The main thing that annoys me about them is the sound quality. It just isnt as good as I expected for the price. Granted its better than the standard earphones but Im sure there must be better out there for the price.

I went for them thinking that the inline mic and controls would be handy (which they are) and Im fairly limited in choice due to having a first gen iPhone with recessed headphone jack.

2009-07-30, 08:25
I have the apple in-ears and I would rexccomend them. They fit fine in my ears and they sound very good.

A bit pricy, but they're very nice for my iPhone.

2009-07-30, 10:11
I have some Altec-Lansing headphones with mic that I picked up for about $35 at the Apple store when I still had my first-gen iPhone. Like the headphones very much, but cannot find anything on my particular model on the website so they must be out of production.