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2009-08-08, 20:29
I just bought a 24" Samsung, and it's perfect, except for one red stuck pixel. It actually disappears unless I've got a pure black background, but it's in the central part of the screen, and I'm pretty sure it's going to irritate me.

So I'm wondering, is this normal for a new monitor? I'm guessing not, and that I should exchange it for another one.

I've tried the Java app that changes colours on the spot with the stuck pixel, and no luck. I even tried the pressure method, and it's still there. Any magic methods, or am I going back to the store tomorrow?

Edit: Now that I look more closely at it, it looks like the box has a couple of layers of packing tape on it. I'm betting this thing's been returned before... The bastards are definitely getting it back tomorrow.

2009-08-08, 21:00
I hate when stores resell a previously returned item as new. :grumble: Walmart is notorious for doing that. It's one in a long list of reasons I refuse to even set foot in that store.

2009-08-08, 21:13
I hate when stores resell a previously returned item as new. :grumble: Walmart is notorious for doing that. It's one in a long list of reasons I refuse to even set foot in that store.

The Fry's in Las Vegas does that, even if you tell them the item was defective. Happened to a friend once. I think they want to sell it twice, to make sure it's really defective and you're not just some dumbfuck technophobe who couldn't figure out how to plug it in. :rolleyes:

I check very carefully for packing tape, re-seals, etc. If I get an open box item, it's because I'm getting a discount, thankyouverymuch.

Of course, GameStop is, like, the worst ever at that (previously purchased items don't ever get re-boxed, but don't be surprised if the disc in that open display case was taken home and played by an employee!).

2009-08-08, 21:29
My feelings, exactly.

A jackass out West tried to pass of a "previously destroyed" lens filter as new to me (it had a nice, deep scratch right across the center). I was so mad, but very controlled. I think the subtle, seething anger that came out in my request for a return freaked him out - he looked like he was going to piss his pants. I didn't have any trouble getting a refund.

I actually asked the guy if I could return it if there were any dead pixels, and he said I could, so I'm going to quote him on that. I don't think I'll have any problems.

I'm tempted to leave a little hidden note in the booklet of something saying this was previously bought and returned, because you know they'll keep trying until someone keeps it.

2009-08-10, 13:42
Well, I returned it without any hassle. I explained what had happened to their customer care person, and he just stared at me blankly. No apology, nothing.

Anyway, I went back, bought a second one for my wife (besides the stuck pixel, it's a beautiful monitor), and exchanged the defective one.

Well, the one that I opened for myself also had a stuck pixel, but it's blue and I thought I could tolerate it (it's not very visible, even on a black screen), but then I noticed the buzzing. I didn't notice it until night, but it's there. And when I fired it up this morning and heard it again, I realized I couldn't put up with it - I spend a lot of time at my computer.

But it seems like the second one is perfect - no stuck pixels, and no buzzing (yet). My wife doesn't even have a good place for a monitor right now, so we'll get her another one when she does.

The end (I hope...).

2009-08-10, 13:53
What monitor did you get? I'm shopping around for one right now.

2009-08-10, 16:02
I got a Samsung SyncMaster 2433. If you can get a good one, they look fantastic. So far Samsung's batting .333 for me - good in baseball, not in quality control.

2009-10-21, 19:17
Unfuckingbelievable!!! Now the "good" one that I bought is even worse than the first two:


A nice big, bright line sure sticks out a hell of a lot more than one red pixel!!! God damn it!!!

Now I've got to deal with Samsung (who don't even acknowledge the existence of the product on their website), when all I really want is to just get my money back. 3/3 duds has destroyed my opinion of their company.

On top of all that, it's also suddenly displaying colour oddly. I've tried changing the colour profile and it just switches back. WTF?!!

2009-10-21, 20:03
Now I've got to deal with Samsung (who don't even acknowledge the existence of the product on their website), when all I really want is to just get my money back. 3/3 duds has destroyed my opinion of their company.

Yeah, no kidding. I used to be like "Samsung all the way!" but lately I've just heard so many horror stories.

I use a 19" Sony Bravia M-Series TV as my monitor. It's not super-sharp (1440x900) but it does the job well, with a few caveats - there's a red stuck pixel (but in like the best possible place - in that corner to the left of the dock, where I never have anything, so with the right background it's invisible) and it has this weird problem with, like, duplicating a few lines, across the top of my dock icons, whenever I boot up. But when I open Preferences and change the resolution and then change it back that problem goes away, thankfully.

My Mac mini setup is my first non-all-in-one Mac, going all the way back to my Performa 200. :D I don't mind it too much since the Mac mini is small enough to keep on top of my desk, and since I was lucky enough to already have a TV that matched the Mac mini pretty nicely (glossy white plastic with a silver border, squarish shape with rounded corners) but there's still a bit too much cable clutter for my liking. So I'm totally happy with what I have now, but I'm also totally feeling the call of those 27-inch iMacs for next time. :D :D :D

2009-10-21, 20:07
That sucks man. :(

Maybe you need to change where you shop? :s

And maybe get a model they haven't disowned.

When I looked into it years ago Samsung had the best dead pixel policy but it's probably all changed now. We have a Samsung plasma from a few years ago. Had heaps of both dead and live pixels. They took it away and installed a 'buffer' in it and now it works fine. Odd.

2009-10-21, 21:04
And maybe get a model they haven't disowned.


Well, they didn't exactly advertise the fact on the box.

2009-10-22, 18:29
There's a second line now - this one's cyan! It's much prettier than the boring old white one!

But the good news is that I contacted Samsung, and they're shipping me out a new one, which should arrive in the next week or so, then I just ship them back the old one, free of charge.

Hopefully this one won't crap out on me.

2009-10-22, 19:10
Don't hold your breath...you're not really batting all that great on this, huh? :)

That does suck.

And I hate to see hastily repackaged, sloppily re-taped returns on the racks for sale, at original prices. Walmart seems to be bad about this. I guess I see it there more than anyplace else. And it worries me because what happens if you buy a table or some sort of gizmo you have to put together, and two of the required screws or brackets are missing? I don't think they check too closely for that sort of thing. People are knuckleheads, and they'll open stuff up, spread everything all over the floor, accidentally kick screws or cam locks under the couch, decide they don't want it, take it back, act like an asshole in the return line, Walmart (or whoever) gets it, runs some new tape along the sides, sticks it back on the shelf, I buy it, I have to learn all new cuss-words, etc.


It's bad enough on some $17 whatever-the-hell. But on a hundreds-of-dollars item? And then to get pushback or the runaround from the store or manufacturer?


Nothing shortens my fuse faster...

I don't think anyone is paying attention anymore. Stuff isn't made sure and strong, people are probably texting on the assembly line, screwing around and not doing things right. I've had more faulty, weird products in my life the past five or so years than I have in the first 35.


I'm so thrilled and happy when I buy something, put it together and it's still intact and working six months later. I can count on about one hand the number of items I own that fall under that category. Apple and Gibson get extra bonus points for keeping me happy...

2009-10-22, 19:46
I really wouldn't mind paying the extra money it would cost for companies to actually do some adequate quality control. The idea of all of this crap just going to waste really pisses me off. And it really frustrates me that things don't even improve if you do pay more (QC wise). It really feels like manufacturing has become a race for the bottom.

We'll see how well Samsung do this time. I'm not thrilled that my year warrantee doesn't restart with the new item. It really should, IMO. I mean, if you got your monitor replaced in your last month of your warrantee, and then that one failed a few weeks later, they'd say "tough titty" and you'd be screwed. Apple's great with things like that, but most companies are real pricks about it.

2009-10-22, 20:00
Apple's great with things like that, but most companies are real pricks about it.

I thought Apple had the same policy.

2009-10-22, 21:17
Apple's replaced a battery and a mag-safe adapter for me almost a full year out of warrantee, and they paid for the shipping on top of that. Pretty good service.

2009-10-22, 21:23
Yeah, but technically if they replace a product under warranty the coverage doesn't restart.

2009-10-23, 00:22
Oh, that part. Yeah, I don't imagine that any company does that, but I think they should have to. Maybe that would help stem the tide of crap product...