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2009-08-10, 19:58
I am looking at getting a mac book PRO 13". I will be using the computer for a little bit of video editing, listening to music and editing pictures the reason for going with the 13" is due to pricing. Which size should I get? the 2.26 or the 2.53 GHZ? I have a External hard with all my pictures and music on there, So i wouldn't be storing much on the computer. I am up for any suggestion or advice

2009-08-10, 20:11
Get the low end one. The main difference is the processor, which won't give you enough of an improvement to really notice unless you use a stopwatch (it has a 12% higher clock speed).

Other than that, the only other advantages to the higher end 13" model are slightly more hard drive space and RAM, but you can add those yourself later for much less than Apple charges. You can upgrade your RAM to 4 GB for around $50, and upgrading the hard drive is easy too, but you said you won't even need that much internal space since you have an external drive. So I'd definitely get the cheaper one.

2009-08-11, 08:22
I agree. I don't think you're going to notice any real-life difference between 2.26 and 2.53GHz. Not $300 worth, anyway. And to bump it up to 4GB for ~$50 (vs. the $100 Apple charges) is a good, smart move too.

The ports, graphics, etc. are the same across both models, so it's really just down to that clockspeed above. I wouldn't pay $300 on something that small that I'd probably never notice or appreciate. Instead, you could consider putting that saved money toward the three-year AppleCare (something you'll probably want on such a small, portable device that'll be spending so much time "on the go" and out in the world).

2009-08-11, 08:38
I've been staying away from the MBPs due to the glossy screens, but just noticed today that they are now offering the anti-glare screen option for the 15" MBP! this is what I've been waiting for. No news for the 13" but perhaps soon?

Dorian Gray
2009-08-11, 18:54
I'd also go with the low-end one, newtda - in fact, I just did! (But also because I'm broke.) The 2.53 GHz model isn't a rip-off, but it is poor value unless you really, really need every little bit of speed.

Miko, that is very cool news! The matte display on the 15-inch is a £40 option in the UK, so Apple is clearly making money on this while offering customers the choice. Win-win.

Personally, I doubt it's coming to the 13-inch model. It would be really weird to introduce matte to the MacBook Pro models in three stages. Two stages (first the 17-inch, now the 15-inch) is already weird enough! :lol: But who knows? I doubt even Apple knew they would do this when they did it on the 17-inch model. There has been a pretty big backlash against glossy displays recently, now that it's becoming really difficult to find a notebook (PC or Mac) with a matte display. This new option is going to make a lot of people happy.

Thinking about it, LED backlights with their increased brightness actually have the potential to breathe new life into matte displays. The problem with matte displays is their reduced contrast in bright situations, but that can be overcome by simply punching more light through the screen to raise the contrast ratio.

2009-08-11, 21:28
Yeah - percentage-wise, the price difference between the 2009 models increased (compared to the late 2008 unibody MBs), but the differences between them in clock speed decreased in percentage (rather sharply). And the illuminated keyboard was made standard, on the low-end model. And - this might not effect you - but the student discount was made larger on the low-end model, as well, further increasing the percentage price difference for students.

They tried to make up for that by upping the RAM, but that is easily (and cheaply) upgraded later. I didn't mind the old $1,599 unibody MacBook, but I don't see many choosing the new $1,499 13" MBP over the new $1,699 15" model.

2009-08-12, 20:01
Well i got the 13.3 2.26 GHZ Mac book pro very happy with it. I am now looking for the best wireless mouse for the computer, Do you guys have any suggestions?

2009-08-12, 20:18
anything bluetooth made my logitech or microsoft will do the trick

2009-08-12, 20:58
Whatever you do. Don't get a mighty mouse.

2009-08-12, 21:21
Whatever you do. Don't get a mighty mouse.

:lol: So true. The Mighty Mouse is an abomination.

2009-08-12, 21:47
Oh, and I'm moving thread off to the Purchasing Advice forum...