View Full Version : Trying to find a good scanner

Shades of Blue
2009-08-20, 19:20
I need to buy a scanner, mostly to scan documents but maybe the occasional photograph as well. My very limited experience with scanning so far (with an HP all-in-one type thing) was unhappy experience, with HP installing tons of crapware to make it work, and the built-in Image Capture app not recognizing the scanner.

What I'd like is something that doesn't require a lot of crapware installation, and would ideally import documents straight into PDF format. It'd be cool if it had a feeder tray so I could put a multi-page document in there and have it scan them all, but I suppose I could live with doing them one at a time on a flatbed or something.

There are so many scanners on Amazon that I don't even know where to begin. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

EDIT: I should mention that I'd like to stay under $150 or so.

2009-08-29, 19:46
I have this canon scanner, all it does is scan, it was like 150/160 I can look up the model number. but it is pretty damn fast, and does a good job of scanning :)

2009-08-29, 20:30
FWIW, I deleted the crapware that HP installed with my scanner. They had some sort of device manager that kept waking up my laptop. I found out what it was with Activity Monitor, and deleted it. My scanner still works perfectly without it.