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2009-08-31, 09:24
It seems everybody does it... offer about half a dozen models that head "40" LCD TV 1080p 120Hz" .... so how do I tell the difference in the models? Does it really even matter or are they just getting suckers to pony up an extra hundred dollars for the 506LC4030 over the 506LC4029 or whatever.

or, if you can't answer that question, what are some really good 40" HDTVs?

thanks guys :)

2009-08-31, 09:55
We have a Panasonic Viera, I believe it's 48" and it's pretty good. I wish it had both component and composite inputs on the front panel but it's got plenty of HDMI inputs and an SD-Card input for displaying photos (and possibly MPEG movie but I've never tried.)

2009-08-31, 10:46
I recently picked up a Samsung LN40B650 from Amazon for $950 and I've been really happy with it. The picture quality is great (though I should add this is the first tv I've owned since the crappy 13" CRT I had from highschool through college, so pretty much ANY tv would look great in comparison). I thought I would hate the red touch of color on it, however, it's unnoticeable under ambient lighting conditions and also blocked by the soundbar we have. Costco has a similar model (the LN40B610) that uses gray instead of red, and also doesn't have the V shaped chin of the LN40B650. They (Costco) also have an awesome return policy and add an extra year to the warranty (if either of those things are important to you).

Two of my friends have Sharp Aquos HDTV's and have been really happy with them.

2009-08-31, 11:13
I think its usually a matter of contrast. The better contrast ratio the blacker blacks you'll get. Have you tried comparing the technical specifications? I usually read reviews about tvs from reputable sites like cnet, and ultimateavmag. It depends on what you're looking for.

2009-09-03, 15:11
I'm thinking about picking up this (http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?skuId=9403503&type=product&id=1218099974473) LCD TV maybe even tonight. Looks like a good deal. I've seen good things from Toshiba in the past. What do others thing?

I'm also gonna get another blu-ray player to go with it if I pick it up.

2009-09-03, 23:02
What's the big difference in the refresh rates 60hz v 120hz?

2009-09-03, 23:18
Good discussion about the refresh rates here (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?p=627519).

2009-09-03, 23:50
Good discussion about the refresh rates here (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?p=627519).