View Full Version : Upgrading to Adobe Master Collection, Worth It?

2009-10-14, 16:16
Over the last decade the process of upgrading Adobe products has gone from individual product updates to various "Collection" upgrades, with each collection having an overlap of one or more products, depending on what the stated area of specialization might be for that collection (video, print, web).

Lately, I've been thinking about going for the "big enchilada", which is called the "Master Collection" but looking at their upgrade path table (http://www.adobe.com/products/creativesuite/mastercollection/upgrade/), even with the ability to upgrade from the CS3 Design Collection is $1599.

In my case, the cost of upgrade would move me up to the CS4 collection for the CS3 apps I currently have a license, which would normally cost me $599, for a difference of $1000.

For that $1000 I would be buying licenses for these additional applications:

Contribute CS4 ($199)
After Effects CS4 ($999)
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 ($799)
Soundbooth CS4 ($199)
Adobe OnLocation CS4 (no price listed, probably part of package, very unlikely to use this anyway)
Encore CS4 (no price listed, probably part of package)

Which adds up to nearly $2200, when priced individually (where applicable).

So I see the cost savings, but as I already own Final Cut Express (FCE), I'm wondering if Premiere and After Effects are worth it. I kind of think they are since I'm very much an Adobe guy, but I'm just wondering.....


2009-10-14, 16:58
OnLocation and Encore are a part of Premiere now.

That's a tough one. I've been thinking of doing the same thing myself but there's not a clear upgrade path (I have CS4 Design & After Effects CS3) and really the only one I'd use out of the bunch is Encore and a little of Premiere (maybe, I already use FCP). I'm certainly not paying $1199 for those.

For you though, that's a tough one. Me, I couldn't live without After Effects, so if you're looking to get into that heavily then I'd say the upgrade is a pretty good way to go.