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2009-10-26, 23:14
Im in the market for a 15inch Macbook Pro... but I am weary of purchasing one at this current time because I believe as soon as I buy one, within a few weeks an update might be announced... any suggestions?.. should i buy anyway or wait a few weeks?

2009-10-26, 23:40
Here's a buyer's guide:


It says neutral, but that's no guarantee. I'd buy a refirb, that way you won't feel too bad if a new one does come out soon.

2009-10-26, 23:44
I don't think anyone's really expecting new MacBook Pros this year, so I think you're safe to buy :). They just brought down the prices of some of the BTO options for the MacBook Pros along with the release of the new MacBook and iMacs too, so they're fairly good value. And even if they do unexpectedly update them it won't be anything other than a minor spec-bump as the new Core i7 architecture won't be available till next year (someone else can confirm that).

2009-10-27, 00:18
Rule of thumb: you need you buy. If you can wait, you wait.

2009-10-27, 08:43
Swox is right about refurbs. It's the way to go, IMO. Unless you absolutely need a spec/feature on the "just released" model (and that's not always the case, let's be honest...), you can save some major bucks picking up a refurb. Even better, if you give the "just released" model 3-4 months (maybe less?), they'll start to appear on the refurb store, so you can actually get the current, shipping model (vs. a previous-generation or older)!

Last year, the new aluminum MacBooks started showing up as refurbs about 2-3 months after their October release, for $200 off their new price. An amazing deal, considering a) they'd just come out a couple of months earlier, sporting that sexy new design and b) the refurbs were the same as the models being sold new.

Currently there are four 15" MacBook models at the refurb store, offering savings from $250-400 over their new prices. And three of the four appear to be current-generation models (with the SD slot, etc.). So, at that point, there's really no sense in spending the money for new if you can get the exact model anyway.

IMO. I'll probably never buy new again...

As for updates, those two unreleased models were referenced in that 10.6.2 listing. But no one truly knows if that means they're slated for release now, in the next month or two or sometime in 2010.

Since this latest round of updates (June 2009) got the built-in battery, SD slot, etc., I'm thinking any updates that do come will probably be processor-oriented only. That may or may not matter to you (doesn't to me...fast is fast). Point is, all the other goodies that one would want or "wait for" were probably added with the June updates. New or refurb, you're going to get the new battery tech, LED, SD slot, 4GB stock RAM, etc. I don't know what else they could add in that particular area that would be worth a wait.

All that to say...buy now, if you truly need it (and only you'd know that answer). If you're in a position to wait, then wait.

People seem split on the "additional updated hardware between now and Christmas" thing. With the iPod event and last Tuesday's "consumer extravaganza" release, most people seem pretty sure that Apple has locked in their product array for the upcoming holiday season, having updated all their consumer/"regular people" offerings. And the pro models - all of them - were just updated this past June, so that's not been a very long time.

2009-10-27, 11:19
This just in: Phil Schiller claims no more new Apple products this year. (http://www.macrumors.com/2009/10/27/phil-schiller-claims-no-more-new-apple-products-this-year/)

So there you go. Buy away, in confidence!


Jump on one of those current-generation refurbs and enjoy.

2009-10-27, 14:50
Thanks for all the advice guys... Im still leaning towards a new one, Im a student and get the education discount, which is decent... but do any of you know a good after-market site to purchase 8gig ram and a SSD?

2009-10-27, 15:10
I know OWC (http://www.macsales.com/) and Newegg (http://www.newegg.com/) both get lots of mentions and use here. I've ordered a few things from OWC over the years, no problems. And Newegg has tons of fans here too.

Crucial.com (http://www.crucial.com) sells RAM and SSD drives too. I've used them numerous times for RAM (the iMac I own now has RAM from them).

2009-10-27, 15:24
Thanks a bunch guys... you've all been loads of help