View Full Version : MBP 15, 2.8ghz, 4gb, 120gb SSD vs iMac i7?

2009-11-19, 10:11
Hi all.

I'm curious. What sort of speed comparison would you guys envision between an 09 MBP 15 2.8 with a 120 gb Vertex SSD and a new iMac i7?

I really don't need portability anymore these days, and I do tons of Photoshop, Aperture, iMovie and DVD ripping.

My MBP has always seemed very zippy, mainly because of the SSD, but I'm wondering if the awesome i7 would have some benefits that even an MBP with an SSD can't match.

Any thoughts?

2009-11-19, 10:29
I assume the iMac would be quite the performer, with all the features it has going for it (but others here would know more specifics on that, and get into a bit more detail?). But I can't imagine the SSD drive overriding the i7 iMac.


However, since you say that portability is no longer that important to you, the big open working space represented by that 27" display (at 2560x1440) would be quite nice. That alone would pretty much make my decision for me, if I didn't truly need a notebook (and if I worked with those types of apps).

Dorian Gray
2009-11-22, 13:23
Well, the latest version of Photoshop uses the GPU a bit, and Aperture uses it a good deal, so whichever model has the better GPU (I'm guessing the iMac) would help there. These apps are also fairly CPU-intensive. As long as you don't run out of memory both machines should work fine, I would think (depending on your expectations, of course).

iMovie and DVD ripping (I assume you mean encoding too) are strictly limited by CPU performance. And it just so happens that the Core i7's strengths are particularly well-suited to encoding video. Not to mention that it also has four cores versus the MacBook Pro's two. The iMac will encode video easily twice as fast as the MacBook Pro, and probably faster. An SSD won't help for encoding video.

If you're really into this stuff, I'm sure there is a way to install a 2.5-inch SSD in a 3.5-inch caddy of some sort, and then install that in the iMac. Upgrading the iMac's drive isn't for the faint of heart, but it's eminently doable. That would give you the best of both worlds!

2009-11-22, 15:39
Shouldn't this be in Purchasing Advice?